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Studio City real estate

Overview of Studio City

As a community in Los Angeles, Studio City is home to around 41,800 people. One of the nicest places to reside in the Golden State, Studio City is located in Los Angeles County. Most people in Studio City rent their homes, and the area has a unique urban-suburban vibe. Studio City is home to numerous entertainment options, including parks, cafes, and pubs. Studio City is home to many young, successful professionals, and its inhabitants are known for their progressive viewpoints. Studio City, California, has above-average public schools.

Home features

Studio City real estate residences come in as many different styles as any neighborhood in Los Angeles. There’s a warm mix of contemporary and traditional style here. There are also villas with tile roofs, reminiscent of those in the Spanish and Italian Rivieras. Nonetheless, there are also some examples of contemporary architecture in the neighborhood, such as Farmhouse Modern, Mid-Century Modern, and Ranch styles. Decks and porches are standard architectural features, allowing locals to take in the breathtaking vistas of the city and canyons from the comfort of their homes.


The northeast is the most desirable area, whereas the southwest has more inexpensive housing. Studio City, CA homes cost $1,453,715, substantially higher compared to the US median of $376,286. We compared Studio City to cities with similar demographics, such Brooklyn Center, MN and Dinuba, CA.

Studio City property prices are higher than California’s $730,840 average. These are the most desirable neighborhoods, according to the market. This area shows the best locations by median house value in Studio City, CA. These areas typically have lower crime levels and a higher standard of living.

Best neighborhoods to live in Studio City

Beverly Hills

Without a doubt, Beverly Hills is the most well-known neighborhood in Los Angeles County, if not all of Southern California. It is a symbol as well as a physical location (an independent municipality encircled by Los Angeles)  (symbol of the movie business, fortune, and celebrity)


Located 13 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank is a city that serves as a bedroom community for Angelenos. Most people know it as the location of many film, TV, and animation companies. The city of Burbank provides its citizens with a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including numerous parks, community centers, hiking trails, dining options, and commercial districts. 

Downtown LA

If you’re interested in historic buildings, a thriving art scene, incredible events, and a diverse population, Downtown Los Angeles is calling to you. Downtown Los Angeles has always been a hub for innovative cuisine, diverse cultures, and unique entertainment. However, this neighborhood was mostly recognized as a tourist destination. Now downtown is gradually becoming LA’s most desirable residential area!

Hollywood Hills

Stepping into Hollywood Hills is like entering a small slice of heaven, a unique area rich in history and Los Angeles character, along with chic hotels, intimate theaters, and exciting nightlife.

Los Angeles

When it comes to population, Los Angeles is second only to New York City in the United States. It’s an enormous city with famous actors, wannabe actors, musicians, surfers, and a whole lot of people trying to go anywhere in the constant flow of traffic.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica State Beach is an integral part of the laid-back luxury that defines Santa Monica as a coastal getaway destination. In addition to the spectacular scenery and limitless opportunities for fun, visitors may also enjoy the thrilling surf and the exhilarating thrill of riding the waves.

Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is a San Fernando Valley suburb not unlike its neighbor Encino in terms of being serene and close to the metropolis. Sherman Oaks is known as a portion of the wealthy region of the Valley due to its high-end shopping malls and assortment of chic boutiques and restaurants, which attract rich families.

West Hollywood

West Hollywood is one of the most exciting places in Los Angeles County, because to its rapid development, glitzy atmosphere, and unique character. The museums, restaurants, and shops here are some of the best in the world, plus the area’s bohemian culture and iconic music venues make it a fascinating and enjoyable place to visit. The nightlife is among the best you’ll ever experience, and it just gets better as the sun goes down.

Why should you live in Studio City?

Moving to Studio City real estate is the best option for you if you’re seeking a high-end community that’s conveniently located near Los Angeles. After a tiring day in the city, residents can flee to this rich area, which is filled with beautiful residences and offers a peaceful and calm environment.

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