Facing Difficulty in Handling Customer Experience Management? Look Out for These Top Trends in 2022

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According to a famous proverb, the customer is always right. And in terms of customer experience management, the wisdom of the saying holds. Additionally, customers have the right to make the choice they believe is best for them.

Modern businesses understand this very well and have spoilt customers for choice. The writing is on the wall- only those companies that provide the best customer experience in every interaction will flourish. 

As per a recent study, almost 80% of the customers remarked that they want to associate with a brand that has robust customer service to solve their problems. So the importance of customer experience management tools is astutely evident. But what exactly is this term, and what are some of the most crucial customer experience management platforms for 2022? Read on to know more!

In this article, we’ll discuss- 

  1. What is customer experience management? 
  2. The top 6 customer experience management trends to watch out for in 2022
  • Understanding your customers through and through 
  • Utilizing new technologies to provide an immersive experience
  • Customer-friendly policies will drive in more profits
  • Smarter handling of data to provide customized service
  • Automation of customer experience management tools
  • A happy workforce leads to more delighted customers

What is Customer Experience Management? 

Customer experience management refers to the way your organization handles customers to provide them with an enriching experience every time they interact with your services. 

Customer experience management software helps to drive better profits and increase trust in your firm. Nowadays, customer experience for b2b and b2c companies is becoming quite popular as it contributes significantly to customer retention. 

Customer experience management software has the advantage of acquiring quick customer feedback through surveys, forms, etc., to improve customer satisfaction.

The Top 6 Customer Experience Management Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

1. Understanding your customers through and through 

According to a recent study, 4 out of 5 customers would opt out of a brand’s services if they go through a poor experience. For a second, think like your customer and ask whether your business matches the customer’s buying tendency. If the answer is no, your business and customer expectations might be running parallel to each other. 

Let us explain differently. One of the foremost reasons for a poor experience is the company’s lack of efforts to understand their customers’ exact needs. Modern-day customers need a customized solution for their issues, not something that comes straight out of a template. Heard of the saying First Impression is the Last Impression?  It can’t be more accurate than in the case of customer retention. 

An effective way to mitigate poor experience is to treat each customer lifecycle differently and dispatch redressal efforts upon encountering an instance of customer dissatisfaction. 

2. Utilizing new technologies to provide an immersive experience

The rise of AI, machine learning, and IoT has revolutionized the way legacy workflows operate. The same technologies are taking the sales world by storm as they can usurp the traditional methods of company-customer interaction. Further, they can foster a deeper and more meaningful relationship between businesses and their customers by devising new ways of engagement. Cool right? Wait till we tell you more! 

Technologies such as augmented and virtual reality enable customers to communicate with brands without having to leave their homes. Moreover, conversation intelligence technology has reduced dependency on human call quality assurance and improved customer experience manifold.

3. Customer-friendly policies will drive more profits.

The cost of unplanned customer switches (from one brand to another) was estimated to be a whopping $36 billion. This expenditure can be easily avoided by incorporating customer-first policies as a core part of your customer experience management platform. 

Lately, organizations are putting more emphasis on acquiring customers and less on retaining the already existing ones. Undoubtedly, onboarding new clients is crucial, but there is no better feeling than seeing a customer repay your efforts by choosing your services again. If you ask us, there is no better time than now to rejig your outreach policy and make your existing customer base heard. 

A significant advantage of this methodology is that your existing customers drive in new customers for your business through reviews, forums, discussions, dedicated communities, etc. 

4. Smarter handling of data to provide customized service

5G is around the corner and is expected to make a host of devices capable of interacting with consumers to provide them with a customized experience. On top of that, data collection is supposed to get more innovative to derive better insights. This is key to providing customized services that is more in tune with the likes and dislikes of your clients. 

A glimpse of this, for example, can already be seen in smartwatches and phones. They can tell us about our sleep patterns, health status, calories consumed, etc., in real-time. 

5. Automation of customer experience management tools

Automation is the magic word doing the rounds of the customer experience management industry. Automating repetitive tasks indeed cuts down on the turnaround time for grievance redressal. 

It’s not only beneficial for your business but also for customers, as they can navigate through your app/website and find what they are looking for without any hassle. 

The importance of automation can be understood from the fact that every 5th customer admits to experiencing negative emotions if a customer service executive offers them inadequate help. To negate this, companies utilize AI-powered chatbots that use natural language processing (NLP) to provide suitable and quick responses to frequently asked questions. 

6. Happy workforce leads to delighted customers.

Happiness is contagious! If your employees are dedicated to servicing customers in the best way possible, the results are bound to show. 

A study comprising business leaders highlighted that almost 80% of leaders believed that dejected employees directly harm productivity.   

Technology cannot single-handedly generate leads. Companies must incorporate suggestions of on-ground customer service executives that deal with rapidly changing behavior daily. Their nuanced feedback can provide that exact point of view. 

Deploy Customer Experience Management Software for Success!!

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