Factors To Consider For Successful Artificial Grass Installation

Successful Artificial Grass Installation
Successful Artificial Grass Installation
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Last updated on November 20th, 2022 at 05:25 am

Everyone knows that artificial grass is the best and most popular alternative to natural grass because of its lush, green appearance and no maintenance requirements. Adding to that, high-quality artificial grass is hard-wearing and long-lasting and therefore, is a better investment. Not to mention that fake turf is animal-friendly meaning there are no hazards posed to the health of your four-legged friend.

Alongside maintenance, you’ll face no difficulty in cleaning synthetic grass and therefore, will be able to maintain a vibrant, green lawn all year round with only a little bit of effort. Benefits aside, there are many important factors that should be taken into account prior to installing artificial grass in your home.

Some Important Considerations Prior To Installing Artificial Grass

Most people think about whether artificial grass is safe and comfortable, and also question the structural integrity of this natural grass alternative. However, there are some other important installation aspects for artificial grass that, if ignored, can lead to the waste of your valuable investment. So, let’s explain to you those factors today at Design Furniture, all of which should be your point of concern before installing synthetic grass.

1. Proper Planning & Research Is A Must

Now that you’re planning to get artificial grass installed on your lawn, there are two options i.e. professional installation services and DIY options. Both these installation procedures require you to conduct proper research and planning for an efficient and perfect installation.

As for professional services, you’ll have to compare the different organizations in terms of work experience, cost, and total projects completed to select the best one amongst them.

For DIY options, you’ll need to take extreme care because you’re going to perform every aspect of the installation on your own with no one to guide you, in case any imperfection or damage occurs. Apart from these factors, you’ll need to measure the lawn area and arrange for all the tools and equipment that you’ll need during the installation.

Therefore, all these factors summoned under this one heading can only be taken well care of via proper research and planning prior to the installation process.

2. Prepare The Lawn

The preparation of your lawn seems irrelevant, right? But, it can be considered the most important factor that should be taken well care of. Speaking of lawn preparation, the first thing is to make sure that your lawn surface is even and not irregular. Because if the lawn is uneven, there will be problems with water drainage that can damage your valuable investment.

And, the next thing is to take care of any debris or growth roots on the lawn surface. You should clear your lawn deeply of any roots because later on, the growth of roots will damage the underlay and weed membrane of your artificial grass.

3. Arrange For Water Drainage

Irrespective of the fact that you’ve bought cheap artificial grass Dubai of the finest quality, a long-term water accumulation will eventually damage the structural integrity of the synthetic grass thus, making all your money go down the drain much earlier than expected. However, all this can be prevented if you’ve arranged for proper water drainage prior to the installation of the artificial grass.

4. Don’t Forget The Weed Barrier

A weed barrier is actually an underlayment placed beneath your synthetic turf. And, as the name indicates, it will restrict the growth of weeds under the turf. The placement of this underlayment should never be ignored because under such circumstances your fake turf will end up with the appearance of creases, slumps, and wrinkles.

Adding to that, there will be moss build-up, too. Also, without this preventive barrier in place, weeds and other vegetation will push through the artificial grass surface thus, appearing as surface bumps. Hence, you should never forget about the importance of a weed barrier membrane for artificial grass and arrange for it prior to the DIY installation. Get Xanax Online

5. Make Sure The Joins Are Even & Tight

Another important aspect to take into consideration is that the joins between the separate rolls must be carefully and tightly secured. Otherwise, the fake turf will appear loopy and loose and most importantly will become really difficult to remove, once you’ve secured the edges in place. This problem mostly occurs because artificial grass is rolled in packages to be stored until sold.

And, when the customer unrolls the fake turf, the effect of the rolling is too strong to be undone. However, you can take care of this problem just by leaving the synthetic grass fibers in the sun for at least 20-24 hrs. The heat from the Sun will straighten out the backing up to a great extent thus, making the lumpy surface marks disappear. Also, you should tightly join the in-between rolls of the synthetic grass.

6. Fix The Artificial Grass Edges

If you want to make a fine detail of your fake lawn, then you must consider securing the edges with nails to prevent them from curling. By doing this, you won’t only add to the safety of anyone walking on the turf surface but also to the beauty of the lawn. This one is the last step for a successful artificial grass installation indoors.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, artificial turf has proved to be the best exchange for natural grass, however, prior to the installation of synthetic grass in your home, there are some important factors that should be taken into account. These aspects include proper planning and research of the installation procedure, lawn preparations, and arrangement of the tools and equipment required for the installation. Also, you should not forget the placement of a weed barrier underneath the turf and arrange for a proper water drainage system for adding to the life of your valuable investment.

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