Facts and information relevant to the German Shepherd breed

German Shepherd breed
German Shepherd breed

German Shepherds are known for their wolf-like appearance, strength, loyalty and noble nature. Originally bred to herd sheep and protect flocks from danger, German Shepherds are much more than just working dogs.

You may be surprise that how friendly these dogs are. In addition to police work, you’ll likely find a German Shepherd following their owners on challenging adventures, learning tricks in obedience classes, and playing in the family backyard.

Read on to learn more about this popular and majestic breed and find out if a German Shepherd (known among enthusiasts as a GSD) is right for you.

Appearance of the German Shepherd

German shepherds are attractive dogs: large and muscular with a characteristic square muzzle, bushy tail and (usually) black mask. They are generally colored brown/black or red/black, often with “saddle” and “blanket” markings across the back. Rarer colorings include sable, silver, liver and panda.

German Shepherds typically have a dense double coat with a waterproof outer layer and a dense undercoat. And they are definitely throwers. These dogs typically shed once or twice a year, but benefit from weekly grooming. (As well as daily cleaning during the molting months.) The beauty is the reason of german shepherd puppy price is high.

Although most German Shepherds have either medium or long coats, some German Shepherds do not have an undercoat and therefore have different grooming needs. Make sure you learn how to care for your GSD properly and maximize the natural benefits of their hair while minimizing uncontrollable shedding. If in doubt, consult a hairdresser who can give you tips on good home care.

Personality of the German Shepherd

German Shepherds were bred for intelligence and independent thinking as herding dogs, so GSDs tend to be curious and like to be useful. Because of their curiosity and wariness of strangers, German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs (but can be overprotective if not well socialized).

With their loyal personalities and eagerness to work, you will find that German Shepherds are very obedient when it comes to training and following commands. No wonder the German Shepherd is such a popular dog!

Environment of the German Shepherd

If you are very active, love nature and want your daily exercise no matter what, the GSD will fit perfectly into your life. The ideal German Shepherd owner likes to go for long walks or runs and takes his dog on weekly trips to interesting places.

Because the German Shepherd’s loyalty, need for stimulation, so they bond deeply with owners. German Shepherds consider themselves real members of the family. They desire to form a strong relationship with their humans and thrive in human company. This special bond is one of the greatest rewards of living with a GSD.

The ideal person for a German Shepherd

German Shepherds are active dogs. Think: run full speed across the field as fast as you’ll let them. They prefer space to exercise at maximum capacity and plenty of time outside. The ideal home for a German Shepherd would be a home with a large yard to run around in, and that’s not counting all the walks, runs, and adventures he’d love to go on with you.

German Shepherds can also be great family dogs and do well with children if they are properly socialized. German Shepherd puppy cost more than all other pets in terms of care.

German Shepherd Training

German Shepherds are known for their trainability and excel in obedience training. Some have a nose to become search and rescue dogs. German Shepherds also lend themselves well to other working roles such as guide dogs, guard dogs, and guard dogs. Some even become police dogs.

Your German Shepherd may not be an official working dog, but he will still enjoy challenging tasks. And because German Shepherds love to learn and are busy, they will want to learn more than just basic commands. Trick training will make your German Shepherd happy – and it’s a great way to spend time together. Training challenges will translate into confidence and help the GSD feel like a truly important member of the pack. In addition, with positive reinforcement of the behavior, the trainings also turn into bonding.

Modification of the German Shepherd

Grooming is relatively easy for most German Shepherd parents. German Shepherds have a medium-length double coat with a soft undercoat and a dense, rougher coat. They shed moderately throughout the year and shed more abundantly in spring and fall. During seasonal shedding periods, they may require daily brushing to remove dead fur. For the rest of the year, cleaning once a week should be sufficient as maintenance. Like most dogs, the German Shepherd’s nails should be trimmed and teeth brushed regularly to maintain dental health.

German shepherd health

Like many dog ​​breeds, German Shepherds are prone to particular health problems. Many of these are the result of inbreeding early in the breed’s life.

To address and prevent joint disease, talk to your vet about nutritional supplements for musculoskeletal health, in addition to limiting jumping and rough play. Many pet owners opt for pet health and insurance just in case.

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