Features of Laptops for Business Travelers

Business travel is part and parcel of our daily lives. From conferences to meetings to client visits, staying connected with the office is key. As such, having the right laptop can make all the difference in staying productive and stress-free while on the go.

Here are seven features that any business traveler should consider when looking for a new laptop.


The first thing to consider while choosing a laptop for business travel is how easy it is to pack and go. So, three factors are chassis size, thinning, and weight. Laptops are portable, but you should choose the one that is the most compact for your needs.
The size of laptops is usually determined by the screen size, which is measured diagonally and described in inches. Modern designs allow for thin bezels on laptops with huge screens.
Business travelers need a laptop to perform simple tasks like word processing and communication.


Any business traveler must consider this when choosing a laptop’s durability. After all, you’ll be taking it through airports, over roads, and into meetings, so you need something that can handle the wear and tear of travel. Look for laptops made with durable materials like aluminum or carbon fiber that can take a few knocks without breaking your heart or your wallet.

Battery Life:

One of the essential laptop features for business travelers is battery life. You don’t want to be stuck in an airport without power!
Make sure you look for notebooks with long battery lives, ideally 10 hours or more. So you won’t be left stranded without power at an inconvenient time.
With built-in Intel vPro processors in laptops, you can enjoy the following features:

Enhanced Security:

Managers get advanced security through multi-factor authentication, full disk encryption, and Remote Secure Erase.

Improved Performance:

Thanks to battery life, that is three times as great compared to a five-year-old system. You get 2.5% more computing performance and high-level graphics performance.

Remote Management of Devices:

With Intel 8th Gen vPro system, you get active management technology that allows remote updating and repair of equipped devices.

Secure Login:

Business travelers often have sensitive and confidential information stored on their laptops. That is why choosing a computer with secure login options like fingerprint recognition, or facial recognition software is essential.

This way, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure even if your laptop falls into the wrong hands.

Crystal Clear Display:

Whether you’re giving presentations or participating in video conferences, it’s essential to have a crisp and clear display. You can be seen clearly by clients and colleagues.

When shopping for business travel laptops, look for computers with high-resolution displays, so you always look your best when working from afar.

Powerful Processor:

A powerful processor is another must-have feature for business travelers. A capable CPU will help ensure that your computer can keep up with your demanding workflow, no matter where you are.

Choose a laptop with at least an Intel Core i5 processor (or its AMD equivalent ) for optimal performance.

A bright, high-resolution display:

Whether you’re working on a presentation or watching a movie on your flight, you want to be able to see clearly. Look for laptops with full HD displays and high pixel densities. This way, you’ll see everything on your screen without straining your eyes.

Fast processors and plenty of RAM:

When you’re working on the go, you need a laptop to keep up with you. Look for laptops with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and 8GB of RAM or more. This way, you’ll be able to multitask without any lag time.

Plenty of storage space:

If you frequently travel for work, you must store many files on your laptop. Look for laptops with 256GB of storage space or more. This way, you’ll have plenty of room for all your work documents, photos, and videos.

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Due to the functionalities like portability, durability, long battery life, brightness, and high-processing speed, business managers can perform their meetings, conferences, etc.

So, always opt for the model that suits your multidimensional needs.

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