Few Things You Need To Know About Tatkal Booking System 

Tatkal Booking System 
Tatkal Booking System 

We have all traveled by train at least once in our lifetime. Whether it is a long distance or a short distance travel, everything can be covered under this mode of transport. You can make use of the train for both business and personal travel. For long-distance travel, you can make a prior reservation to book your seats. However, if you wish to book your ticket at the last minute, you can go for the tatkal services.

Under the tatkal scheme, you will be able to book your train tatkal ticket irctc India prior to the date of the journey. This will help you to travel by train even in an emergency situation. You can get a confirmed berth for yourself. You will also make your journey really easy and convenient. This is a really good option for you, especially if you are in a hurry or there is any change in your travel plan. However, before you go for the tatkal scheme, there are a few things that you require to keep in mind. So, let us see what those points are:

The tatkal scheme is available for some selected trains only. It is only available for some trains. The ticket booking for the AC class begins at 10:00 hours. It starts at 11:00 hours for the non-AC trains.

The tatkal tickets cannot be booked for Executive Class and First AC. You will only have to book the tickets for the AC class (2A/3A) or Non-sleeper class. 

The general and lady’s quotas cannot be obtained in tatkal ticketing. So, you must keep that preference aside while booking your ticket. This is another important thing that is worth remembering.

There are no concessions applied for the senior citizens for tatkal tickets. You will have to pay the price that has been reserved for the tatkal quota.

You will have to pay 10% extra charge for the non-AC tickets and 30% extra charge for the tickets for all other classes. So, you will have to have a clear idea of the charges and then book your ticket accordingly.

There is no such guarantee of cancellation or refund on confirmed booking and charges will be levied according to the latest rules of Indian Railways. So, this is another thing that has to be kept under your consideration while you are booking the ticket.

You can make your tatkal booking online from different platforms. However, it is better to go for a reliable platform only so that there is no inconvenience in your journey. You will also be able to make your bookings really easily.

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