Find appealing toppings to put in Custom Burger Boxes

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The Custom Burger Boxes options available from SirePrinting are extensive. We have a variety of packaging enhancements available for burgers if you’re looking to increase your sales.

Punctured Ultraviolet

Adding spot UV on Custom Burger Boxes is a great idea. Boxes printed and coated with high grade materials are more likely to be taken seriously and valued higher. The result would be greater demand as the product becomes a more appealing choice for consumers. Spot UV would also make the boxes less susceptible to scratches and fading, ensuring that their good looks are maintained over time.

Convex and concave embossing

Both embossing and debossing are common printing techniques that can be utilized to improve the aesthetics of bulk orders of Custom Burger Boxes. To emboss is to elevate words or images above the paper’s surface; to deboss is to indent them below the paper’s surface. Both approaches can improve the look and feel of a printed piece.


SirePrinting is different from other businesses because it genuinely cares about its customers. Our survey revealed that few people were planning to bring foil along. Additionally, we found that printing the company’s name on the foil was an expensive addition.

Consequently, we reasoned, it would be a good idea to provide the foil with each burger box purchase. Consumers praised it, and the company believes it will streamline processes for health-conscious eaters. Custom Burger Boxes foiling is just one more way that the company stands out from its rivals by providing more value to its customers.


Die-cutting on Custom Burger Boxes provides an aerial perspective for the buyer. The box is perfect for carrying along your favourite burgers, fries, and soda. It comes in either a 9×8-inch or a 12×10-inch dimension and has a hinged lid. Fast food restaurants generate a great deal of trash, so these containers are a need. This is because the majority of its constituent paper elements are readily recyclable. Because of the die-cut design, you can fit additional items inside without increasing the size of the package or modifying the contents in any way.

Clear Plastic Sheeting (PVC)

PVC sheets are ideal for strengthening the structure of Custom Burger Boxes. They can prevent the contents of the box from getting wet or soiled and help keep the food heated for longer. PVC sheets can withstand the normal deterioration that comes with regular use because they are both resilient and simple to clean.

Get amazing printing options for burger packaging.

At SirePrinting, we offer a wide variety of promotional printing services to our clients. Both the interior and exterior of our boxes can be printed with photographic quality, and we provide a wide range of box sizes, shapes, and colors. This gives our clients the option to design customized packaging that perfectly represents their businesses. And because we provide a wide variety of sizes, we can fulfil orders of any scope.

Presses using an offset system

The Custom Burger Boxes go through a printing process called offset printing, which is done on a flat surface. Offset printing involves transferring the inked image from the original to a rubber mat. Afterwards, the mat’s inked image is transferred to the substrate. Flexography, on the other hand, would involve directly transferring the inked image from the original to paper. Since flexography would not provide satisfactory results due to the ink being able to penetrate into smaller cracks and fissures, offset prints are frequently employed for images with extensive sections of light hues. Images printed on Burger Boxes Wholesale may look hazy if this happens, especially if they contain many shades of white.

The Process of Printing on a Lithographic Plate

Printing from a flat surface, or lithography, is a printing technique. Oil and ink are commonly used in this procedure. Menu boards, signs, stage backdrops, etc. have all benefited from lithographic printing’s widespread use in modern culture.

Printing with flexographic plates

Flexography printing is an excellent option for dark hamburger boxes. This method excels at printing on corrugated cardboard and can reproduce vivid colours. In addition, flexography is a rapid and effective printing method, making it an ideal choice for mass-producing items like Burger Boxes Wholesale.

To print digitally

Digital printing, as the latest development in the market, is increasingly being considered as a viable option for burger boxes.

SirePrinting: Industry Leader and Industry Best

Whether you’re looking for cardboard burger boxes or something completely else, your search is over. SirePrinting, the industry leader, boasts these capabilities and more. First and foremost, we offer free packaging samples to each company that contacts us. When compared to competitors, our turnaround time of one week is unmatched. As a final note, we offer free shipping on all orders over $49.

A simulated 2D image

Create a burger box for your eatery with our assistance. To help you visualise the finished product of your design before it is printed, we provide free 2D mockups. To get started, just shoot us a mail.

Miniature model in three dimensions

You can use our 3D sample service to show customers how their burger bun boxes will appear before they order them. We’ll make you the best burger boxes ever, then sell them to you at cost so you can advertise in style. Simply provide us with your logo, and we’ll have a free 3D sample of your boxes on their way to you.

Sampling, in the literal sense

SirePrinting provides free samples, and all you have to do is visit our website or call our helpful staff.

What makes SirePrinting the best choice for purchasing burger boxes

  • Custom Packaging Boxes USA takeout containers were developed to accommodate your burger, fries, and soda.
  • The food packaging you receive from SirePrinting will be of the highest quality.
  • The leftovers can be safely transported home by your customers in a leak-proof container.
  • Our boxes’ exteriors are covered with a substance that is both durable and simple to clean.


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