Finding Women’s Jeans That Fit Your Body Type

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Some jeans have been washed, damaged, torn, and ripped; these jeans look very lovely on ladies. In addition to these alternatives, picking the appropriate pair of jeans can be difficult for individuals with less experience because there are many things to consider. As a result, do your short legs seem to be much longer? Does your bottom have a less flat appearance? Will it go well with the shirt and shoes you just bought? Can you still move while wearing it?

And to top it all off, every woman has a different body shape. Some women’s jean styles may look great on some body types but not others. This advice can help you choose the best jeans for your body type. It would help if you had the following in mind.

A Timepiece

For the lucky women with proportionate shoulders and hips that narrow at the waist, any style of women’s jeans will do. As most women do, you can wear a pair of ultra-low-rise jeans to draw attention to your tiny waist. Also you can check Evaless jeans.


Small shoulders and large hips and thighs are ideal for this body type. Women’s jeans with a dark wash will help your hips look a little less comprehensive. Since the thighs also give the legs the appearance of being shorter, they provide the appearance of having longer legs. Wearing bootcut jeans can also help you avoid looking like a pear by deflecting attention from your hips and focusing it on other parts of your body, like your legs.


In contrast to the pear shape, the apple body type has broad shoulders and small hips. Therefore, there might be a requirement to counterbalance the large region of your upper body. Wearing jeans will make you appear like an inverted triangle, so choose a pair of women’s jeans that don’t taper at the bottom. Flared or boot-cut jeans are great since they balance out your body shape. Low-rise jeans will also look great on you, given that your hips are slim.


As the name implies, this body type lacks curves. Instead, the body seems straight or like a vertical rectangle due to the shoulders, waist, and hips not deviating significantly from one another. Wear curvy clothing such as flared or boot-cut jeans to highlight your body’s contours. Avoid donning straight-cut jeans.

It’s time to wash the jeans. Start with a pair of slightly scuffed jeans if at all possible. It would help to clean your jeans three or four times before wearing them. But, first, decide where to place the trip for a more visit to the Evaless store.

Using Sandpaper

The fabric should be sanded using sandpaper or a nail file. The roughest file or sandpaper you can find should be used. The area you want to rip should be rubbed with your palms.

To make a rip, use a pin. Instead of cutting, use a safety pin to pull out a few threads and create a small hole. For example, you may easily remove one line from the jeans by slipping the pin tip between the ropes. Continue repeating this until you develop a hole.

Scrub the denim to make it look new. Then, with the sandpaper or file, file the edges of the rips you just formed. Have some frayed ends available if you want to get this appearance.

It’s time to wash the jeans. When the ripping is done, wash them at least twice. Then, add around one teaspoon of sand to the wash water to decrease color and fraying.

Wear them. Your creations are ready for exhibition, but remember that they will continue to rip as you use them. The jeans will soon look worn-out and outdated. If you happen to be shopping online for a female friend and are genuinely unsure of what you are doing, you can start by thinking like a woman. When it might be challenging to do so, reading and conducting research online can be beneficial. Most women globally are almost hooked on accessories, so keep that in mind when you’re stuck for gift ideas or unsure what to acquire.

Final Thought

Rubbing your pants to the perfect-looking rips and holes will take some practice. If you start with only slight damage, your pants will appear “designer” shabby.

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