Five Reasons Social Security Disability Claims are Denied in Rogers

Rogers social security disability attorney

Through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, people who have medical impairments that prevent them from going to or performing work can seek financial relief. But not all applicants be awarded disability benefits. 

Getting approved for benefits become more challenging over the years. There are different reasons the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies claims. Because of this, applicants should consider working with a Rogers social security disability attorney as soon as possible before they file a claim. An experienced attorney knows the common reasons for denials and helps applicants avoid one. These reasons include the following:

Insufficient Medical Evidence

For a disability claim to stand a chance, it has t be supported with sufficient medical evidence that proves the applicant can’t work due to their disabling condition. For example, it’s not enough to prove that a person has been suffering from serious back pain. They also have to show that this condition interferes with their ability to work. This can be done by having medical experts assess their condition and give reliable documentation of what they found out. 

Failure to Meet SSA Disability Criteria

Disability applications are often approved if the impairment suffered last a minimum of twelve months or led to death. Typically, the SSA denies disabilities such as bone fractures as they can heal in 6-8 months. But this rule does not include blindness. 

The Agency Can’t Find Applicant

Before the agency approves a disability claim, it will contact the applicant regarding their application. If it cannot contact the person or their attorney through the number or the address they provided, it may deny their claim. Thus, applicants should inform the SSA of any changes in their contact details.

Prior Denials

A lot of those whose disability claim has been denied think that it’s best to file a new claim than appeal the denial. But sometimes the reviewer from the SSA will deny claims due to prior denials. Because of this, applicants must understand how the appeals process works before they submit a new application.

Too Much Income

When the SSA reviews claims, they look into the income of the applicant. Although people who still work can apply for SSD benefits, they must not exceed the income limit set by the agency, which is $1, 250 per month for non-blind individuals. The SSDI program prioritizes people with low income and will deny the claims of people who earn a significant income.

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