Five things to look for while picking the best CBSE school in Pune

Every parent seems to be thinking about how to pick the best CBSE school in Pune for their child. Rightfully so, because it is a critical decision that can help your child achieve better learning results and prospects.

When taught on a platform that isn’t interesting enough, a CBSE curriculum, in particular, can be dull and challenging. Let’s see how we can respond to this common question and assist parents in making more informed and effective selections when it comes to selecting the best school for their children.

How to Pick the Right CBSE School in Pune

1. Evaluate the school based on the program it provides for young kindergarten students

The curriculum that a school chooses for its kids throughout their early years can often be used to rate a school. Schools must establish a solid academic foundation for young children. This entails assisting children in developing fundamental literacy and numeracy abilities.

Along with this, teachers encourage students to recite, read, and communicate effectively. This is important since the language in the upper grades can be pretty complex. Instilling creative language skills in children at an early age will allow them to improve their creative language talents steadily.

Teachers at CBSE International Schools in Pune collaborate to produce a lesson plan that incorporates all of the elements mentioned above, allowing young children to develop their creative language abilities during their early years.

The Montessori curriculum lays a strong foundation for students, allowing them to transition into higher grades and effortlessly learn new concepts.

As a result, what a school provides at the early years foundation stage will ensure that your child is on the proper track and developing the necessary abilities to keep up with global educational trends.

2. A Multidisciplinary Learning Environment with a Holistic Approach

In recent years, the leading schools in Pune have adapted to a new learning environment, allowing students to choose their favorite extracurricular and co-curricular activities while honing their inherent skills.

This is vital since such activities train kids and provide them with essential abilities such as critical thinking, teamwork, and analytical skills and assist them in developing self-awareness and self-worth.

Some of Pune’s most outstanding schools also provide value-added programs and other initiatives that allow students to pursue their passions in greater depth.

There are also environmental programs and STEM learning methodologies to assist them in making significant contributions to the causes they care about.

These activities increase confidence while also assisting children in comprehending the more significant components of their neighborhood or society.

3. Assist them in developing the skills they’ll need to advance from one level to the next

During a student’s academic years, there are significant transitioning times. It could range from kindergarten to primary school or junior secondary to senior secondary school. These are critical times for children as they transition to a more demanding academic curriculum.

As a result, in order for children to cope well in their higher years, hands-on and self-initiated learning methods should be a component of every grade.

These life-long abilities can be used in any situation, not just in school. Project-based activities should be used to teach students the art of initiation, sound research, planning, and presentation. These activities are excellent motivators for a learner to develop an independent learning process.

Smart classrooms, virtual laboratories, math labs, and science labs allow students to absorb knowledge from a variety of perspectives and gain insights from a variety of sources.

As a result, technology plays a significant role in education. For most children, a school that uses the latest technological gadgets and sources to improve students’ learning outcomes is an excellent choice.

4. Is the school supportive of children’s emotional and social development?

Even if a school has the best academic curriculum available, the entire educational process is useless if a student lacks emotional intelligence. Pune CBSE school take pleasure in fostering strong values and qualities in its students in order to help them grow into responsible, focused, and compassionate citizens.

In a CBSE school in Pune, a child’s education is built on a foundation of mutual respect between the instructor and the student, and success is reached by teamwork and unity.

This is one of the most critical components of education that should be provided to every child, regardless of where they study or how much their parents spend on tuition.

These are the fundamentals of education that should be practiced in every school.

5. Do They support participation?

Not all children have the same learning ability; some have a slower learning curve, while others have a faster learning curve. Furthermore, some children may have learning disabilities, which may put them at a disadvantage while seeking international education.

A school that recognizes this and provides equal opportunities to all students, regardless of their academic abilities, is one that takes its social obligations seriously.


Choosing one of the finest CBSE schools in Wakad, Pune, can be difficult, so consider all of your options carefully, indulge your child’s natural interests, and choose the school that will act as a guide and mentor to help your children blossom into successful adults.

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