Five tried and tested strategies to increase your Instagram engagement by 2022.

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 Engagement on Instagram encompasses all ways that users can interact with your posts -via comments, likes, shares, and savings. If engagement is high, your followers may feel strongly connected to your brand when they make a purchase. Heightened engagement could also aid in ensuring that your content is ranked by the Instagram algorithm, which means that you can keep reaching more people intrigued by your brand. Having an impressive number of followers does not ensure a high engagement rate. To increase your followers, it is essential to concentrate on creating a vibrant group of followers who love your brand.

 What is the best level of interaction on Instagram?

 Your Instagram engagement percentage is the number of comments and likes you get per post divided by the number of people who follow you, then multiplied by 100. Anything from to 1-three is considered to be satisfactory, while anything over three is considered to be a high engagement rate. If you want to increase your engagement on Instagram, Try the nine steps we have listed below.

 How can you increase your follower ship on Instagram

 Track your Instagram engagement

 Have you ever attempted to determine the current state of your Instagram engagement? To get the information, visit your Instagram account and click on the Insights action icon. The metrics you’re searching for are listed under the “Overview” section, including more in-depth breakdowns based on what you are trying to learn. This information is only available after you have migrated to a Creator or Business account. The information on your Instagram posts, Stories Reel, Live, and feed’s engagement are crucial to understanding where you’re at before you invest more time on your account.

 Create content that is valuable

 Shares and saves are among the most beneficial kinds of engagement can be found on Instagram. In order to get these amazing interactions, make sure you add value to the Instagram account. Create content that people are likely to want to reference and pass on to their friends, but do not make it boring. Instagram marketing is always an attractive visual, no matter the context.Offering visually appealing information graphics is a great method of providing helpful information or interesting facts. Create a visual overview of a process step-by-step or create colorful graphs and charts. Use your caption on Instagram to give more information or to highlight specific information.

 If you would like your caption to be as simple as possible, but you have got much data that needs to be highlighted in one go, Create an Instagram carousel-style post. It will allow you to divide your content into multiple pictures and stay clear of cluttered text. Carousel posts are the most engaging kind of Instagram post, and it is the best option for your account’s stats in both ways.

 Master your aesthetic

 Images are the mainstay on Instagram as on this platform, and they form their first impression. If you ignore your branding, the very first encounter a user has with your brand may become their last. Instagram users expect visually pleasing content to share on their feeds. If they are planning to follow you — and increase the Instagram engagement rate, they should know that you consistently provide top-quality content.

 There is a good thing: you already have a portfolio that you can display in your account — that is, your Instagram grid. If users browse across your grid, they will be able to see your brand’s logo, images with complementary filters, and other features that connect your brand’s vision. It is also possible to publish images that have similar colors.

 Embrace video content

 Do not be afraid to play with different content formats. Instagram is making video more accessible than ever by highlighting user-created Reels, videos like TikTok in short lengths, on its tab. Beyond making Reels, it is possible to use the business account on your Instagram corporate account for business to live stream or post to IGTV or upload short-form videos to your feed as well as Stories. With animated photos, you get the benefit of attracting attention and expressing emotions, and overcoming the fact that most Instagram users are scrolling through videos with no audio.

 Video content is always available in our Instagram feeds and on the internet — and data shows that 91% of users view Instagram videos weekly. Incorporating video into your Instagram strategy is a great way to gain attention from the millions of users already glued to the kind of content. You do not need to be a pro at editing professional videos to be a master of video content on IG. Like the top Instagram influencers, small-scale entrepreneurs can make a splash by taking a selfie and talking to their followers.

 Connect with Instagram users

 Nobody likes the feeling of not being to read. The only thing worse than not engaging with your followers. All you have to do is tap the heart icon every time they make a gesture. Imagine starting conversations with someone only to find that they smiled and went away. It is not the most effective method of making someone feel heard. When an Instagram user interacts with your brand, it is essential to respond immediately. Ensure your followers know you are attentive by responding thoughtfully to their comments, DMs, and the posts they share with you. A positive brand response can motivate followers to continue to engage in the future and provide the foundation to establish solid, mutually beneficial relationships.

 Are you looking to go one step higher? Build your community’s engagement by reaching out and contacting like-minded users for yourself! Make the first step. Make comments on posts of accounts that share a similar audience to increase exposure for their fan base. You can also use hashtags that are relevant to search for and post comments on posts from potential customers directly to your feed.


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