Flower Arrangements that Will Uplift Your Mood

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There are a few things about flowers that no one could deny, one,  that they are beautiful, second, that they make you feel special and third, they always cheer you up. For a long time now flowers have been associated with positivity, hope, goodness, and cheer. Be it a moment of celebration or despair, you will always find flowers around you. It is also a known scientific fact that flowers can enhance your mood, they help with happy hormone production that brings you calm and makes you feel better by reducing stress. When it comes to flowers they are a visual delight, their bright colors radiate joy, and a sweet scent helps with this whole process. 

Here are flowers along with flower arrangement ideas:


To begin with, a wonderful flower that is well known for its feel-good properties, sunflowers have it all to cheer anyone up. We all know, sunflowers are bright yellow, relatively big in size, and just an instant boost. While creating a bouquet with flowers make sure not to overboard, and stick to one dominant flower with filler flowers and leaves. Along with these, you can add flowers like spray red roses, mini pink carnations, lavender sticks, leather leaf ferns, and other greens. You can always get a premade bouquet at flower shops in Fairfax, Va, or get one custom-made, especially for you. Sunflowers are great for everyone from a special someone to family members. 


A universally found flower that you can get at any florist in Reston, VA. Roses are a symbol of love and passion but with their vibrant colors, they can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Roses come in beautiful colors like pink, yellow, red, white, orange, and even lavender. Roses have varied meanings so you can choose any color depending on the person you are giving it to. When it comes to roses flower arrangement the design possibilities are endless, you can go with an assorted rose mix with every color or you can go with a combination of two. If choosing the right color is tricky for you, rely on your florist to make the best choice for you. 


This one right here is one of the most popular flowers out there, known for its medicinal properties. Lavender is great for your mood, apart from being a source of visual joy they have an effective calming effect on its surroundings. Apart from being pretty on the outside, they are also used to produce various other things like oil, tea, and perfume. For a lavender bouquet, you can easily get flower delivery in Arlington, VA. To create a whimsical flower mix you can go with other dainty flowers like baby breaths, solidago, anemones,s, and pansies. You can also go with just lavender shrubs tied up with a ribbon or arranged in a fancy vase.

These are often seen at Greensleeves florists and also growing around you in garden spaces, Chrysanthemums are opulent flowers with tight round buds and long petals. This flower is bushy and dense when it comes to the petals. You can get these in various shades and even gradient tones, the most popular color of these is Scarlet red but you can find them in all different kinds of colors like pink, purple, yellow, and other deeper shades. Chrysanthemums are known to help promote feelings of joy by adding a sense of warmth and color.  The psychological effect of flowers also has to do with the symbolism it carries, and this flower symbolizes longevity, happiness, love, and loyalty. 

The impact of flowers on us no matter greater or minute has always been appreciated, flowers are a source of beauty and emotions. Get these flowers for yourself or for people around you who need some motivation to kick-start their day. Flowers are also your sure shot of bringing a smile to someone’s face, so don’t miss on that. 

Muteeb Asim

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