Four Ways to Get Internet During a Power Outage

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 Electricity without a doubt is an integral part of our lives now. This is the reason untimely power outages negatively affect our productivity. 

Your home has many electronic appliances, but all you can think of is how to access the internet. Power companies strive to ensure that customers have access to electricity but still, some outages cannot be controlled. This means your internet-connected devices can be out of business for some hours. Power outages can trouble us because our lives are tied to the internet! 

If all you can think about is how to use the internet during a power outage, then read this blog! We have listed some of the potential ways via which you can use the internet seamlessly during a power outage. 

Ways to Use the Internet During a Power Outage 

Sometimes you lose power due to hurricanes or snowstorms. They are not in your control, right? But using the internet is! So read on to know how you can use the internet even during the citywide blackout.

Power Backup Solutions

It is obvious when the power goes out you lose access to the electricity and eventually your internet connection. Thus, providing power backup to your device can keep your internet connection operational during an outage is possible via battery backup solutions. They can supply power to your router or modem. 

Several good battery solutions in the market can last up to hours! For example, CyberPower UPS 1500VA/900W. 

Use Satellite Internet 

We recommend you use satellite internet. It provides internet directly to your house via the dishes that are installed. Thus, the signals bypass the local power grid, and this connection is not affected during an electricity outage. With this, you can be at peace when the power goes out. You can visit and check dish channel packages if you are looking for a good satellite internet provider. Many providers are ready to offer backup solutions so you can use the internet during power outages. 

For example, you can subscribe to HughesNet internet as it provides top-notch satellite services in the country. Due to its excellent services, it is considered to be the leading satellite provider in the USA. 

You can use HughesNet Internet Continuity, which is an advanced backup service. It delivers broadband internet to your household when your primary service is not working due to an outage. Do not worry! The transition is automatic, so the cost of downtime is reduced. 

This service is no less than an ideal solution for businesses and individuals. Even if you are living in a remote area, you can rely on this ISP. This solution is more affordable than the loss your business suffers because of a power outage!

 Purchase Generators 

If you live in an area where power frequently goes out, then consider investing in inverter generators. A small generator is helpful as it can keep your internet going.

You should also purchase inverter generators because they offer clear power output and are more fuel efficient. For example, Generac 76711 GP1200i, Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000, and so on. However, they are costly so check your budget before you invest. 

Mobile Hotspot 

If there is a citywide blackout, you can use your cellular data if you want to continue using the internet. Today, most of us have access to 4G LTE or 5G cellular connections. The condition is to keep your devices charged so you can use your monthly data plan. 

You can even connect multiple devices to your mobile hotspot. This option is not suitable if you want to continue streaming or gaming, as multiple devices might make you run out of data much sooner! Keep this option for important business tasks such as sending an email, uploading files, using Google Classroom, and so on. 

To Finish With 

We all know power outages are quite common! They not only affect our work, but we lose precious time waiting for the connection to be restored. But do not worry you can still continue to use the internet via the ways mentioned above. We are living in a technological era and there are ways to still use the internet without getting frustrated. We believe with this information; you are prepared for the next outage! 


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