Free iTunes MP3 Download – How to download MP3s through iTunes for free

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The iPod has come so far in entertainment. Using iTunes, people can now download all their favorite songs. One of the most popular features of the iPod is the free iTunes mp3 download. It’s a free iTunes download of your favorite songs in MP3 format.

Download MP3 for iPod

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There are several ways to get mp3s for your iPod. These are categorized into two: legal downloads and person-to-person sharing. Both differ in price, method and quality.

The legal way to download mp3s for your iPod is mostly to pay the site for your own copy of the song. The average price of legal Youtube to MP3 Converter is $1. Not a painful price for one’s pocket, is it? But why pay when you can get all the best songs without spending a cent? This is through person-to-person sharing.

Person to person mp3 sharing is done by using networking sites or file sharing sites. Site users registered here upload their music and share it with people who are also registered on the same site. Its main goal is to give people a trusted network where they can access and have all the music they want. Here, people also share other multimedia items, such as photos and videos.

Now where can you find legal mp3 download sites and person to person download sites?

Legal mp3 download sites

Here are some of the best legal mp3 download sites:

iTunes. This is, of course, the real service for your iPod, what else but iTunes. Here you’ll find thousands of songs, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and more. However, the price of each iTunes download depends on the file you want. But here’s a good deal. ITunes regularly offers free songs to all iTunes users. It’s only done weekly, and the free songs are chosen by the iTunes staff. But who knows, the next free song on iTunes could be your favorite mp3.

Yahoo Music Unlimited. This site offers you cheaper than iTunes mp3 and other media downloads for your iPod Yahoo also offers free music samples. You will definitely enjoy their free service for 14 long days.

E-music. It is one of the most popular music download sites, with at least two million archived songs waiting for your selection. And note that music offers independent labels from anywhere in the world. You can also try their free service, giving you 25 free and legal mp3 downloads for your iPod. What about that thing?

Sharing from person to person

For private sharing of music files from around the world, these are the two best sites:

IMesh It is an online social network that allows file sharing as mp3. All you have to do is register on iMesh and download the songs uploaded by different users around the world.

Asnips gave. It is also an online social network that offers 1 gigabyte of free storage for every registered user. Here you can save blogs, images, videos and music. All these files can be shared with all registered Asnips users.


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