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Whether you’re looking for a free landline phone service or are looking for ways to cut your bill, these alternatives may be worth exploring. From cheap cell phone plans to VoIP service providers, these options may make replacing your landline easier and more affordable than you think.


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xinix is a free landline phone service that offers a wide range of features. Its call logs display all of your recent incoming and outgoing calls, as well as missed calls. The stats also tell you how long each call lasted and which phone line the caller came in on. Users can also add callers to their contact list and set privacy settings.

The xinix Telo Base Station comes with Do Not Disturb, a feature that helps you control your privacy by not allowing your phone to ring. By holding down the envelope icon for two seconds, you can prevent calls from ringing. You can also set an email or SMS notification for incoming calls.

xinix also offers a business version of its phone service, called Office. This package is suitable for startups and small businesses that want to get a landline phone at an affordable price. It supports analog phones, but offers other advanced features like group calling, emergency (911) services, and voicemail-to-email conversion.

If you’re not happy with xinix’s service, you can easily cancel your service. You can even listen to your voicemail online. Once you’ve cancelled, you’ll receive a cancellation confirmation email from xinix. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can try other VoIP phone services like Google Voice.


Vonage’s free landline phone service features a variety of useful features, including the ability to record your calls, visual voicemail, and toll-free numbers. It is even compatible with Siri, so you can use the app to call people from your phonebook. The best part is that you can try it out for 14 days. The service is easy to set up and its interface is user-friendly.

Vonage also has many advanced VoIP features. It allows you to send and receive voice messages, create a virtual fax, and even have voice mail transcription. The company also allows you to integrate the service with other business applications for seamless data exchange. The benefits of this include the ability to quickly and easily access customer history information.

Vonage has three business plans to suit your business’s needs. The first is the Basic Plan, which is great for small and medium-sized businesses. This plan features more than 40 features and a host of advanced collaboration and messaging tools. The service runs on your existing high-speed internet connection and provides high-quality voice and video. It also includes 24/7 support and concierge services.

Vonage also has mobile apps, which are ideal for business use. These apps enable teleworking and mobility and are considered a major benefit for modern businesses, especially those in small-sized companies. These apps save businesses a lot of money, office space, and employee time. Another great feature is that they can be used anywhere, including in inclement weather and during service outages.


Grasshopper is a cloud based virtual phone service that offers both a local and toll-free number. Its main purpose is to help small businesses and independent contractors transition from a personal number to a business one. With Grasshopper, businesses can set up custom answering services and add department extensions. They can also receive voice mail and faxes.

Grasshopper is easy to use and has comprehensive pricing plans. The price of each package is straightforward and includes multiple phone numbers and extensions. Moreover, it allows call forwarding. It also offers a discount when paid yearly. This gives consumers a chance to save up to 10% on their first two months of service.

Grasshopper also offers text messaging service. This feature works independent of the built-in texting app on smartphones. This feature is becoming increasingly popular, especially since more people prefer text-based contact with brands. Grasshopper’s business texting feature enables businesses to interact with customers in the way they prefer, whether it’s for customer service or sending confirmations.

Grasshopper is a good option for small businesses. Its only downside is that it lacks some features that a business may need. For example, it isn’t HIPAA-compliant, which means that it’s not suitable for businesses with sensitive data. It also doesn’t offer a full suite of communication tools like RingCentral. Still, its low-cost service provides many of the basic features that users would expect.

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