Free ways of Tik Tok Promotion in 2022/2023

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According to recent studies, the size of the active Tik Tok audience in USA is more than 100 million authors, and in the world – more than 1 billion. The social network is developing rapidly, here you can still promote your blog and start monetizing it.

The social network, which appeared in 2015, quickly became popular. The application allows you to post short videos (15-60 seconds) and share them with the audience.

On TikTok, you can post videos for entertainment, follow the work of other people, and even earn money. If you want to promote your Tik Tok, it is better to stick to proven promotion strategies, and not act randomly. Tik Tok SMM Panel can help You with it. Also free tiktok promotion methods are available.

How does Tik Tok promote videos?

Live verification can only be carried out if there are complaints. When it comes to recommendations, promotion on a social network is completely dependent on robots and automatic algorithms. It is simply unrealistic to check such a large number of videos for living people.

TikTok is more loyal to newbies

Algorithms allow new users to become popular. After creating a tiktok account and posting the first few videos with hashtags added, the blogger is highly likely to be on the recommendation list. Here you can find the first catch – the videos from the new account fall into the recommendations precisely to determine the quality level of the channel.

Users will rate creativity. If the content does not attract enough attention, it will be difficult to be in the top again in the future. In order not to find yourself in a similar situation, you need to initially make trendy videos of high quality. If all actions are performed correctly, and the algorithms notice the positive interest of users in the account, then in the future publications will appear much more often in the recommendations.

How to get free views on Tik Tok in 2022

You have thought about the active promotion of your profile, and here’s the annoyance, getting thousands of views is not so easy. First you need to work hard on your account.

This process is long and thorny, from creating a decent and attractive description, to publishing a creative video with a decent SMO description and tags. It ends around here – on the wrapping through exchanges and services. No matter how funny it is, it’s not shameful or contemptuous to use such resources if you are trying to make money on it, and not show your friends what a cool blogger you are. There are several ways to get free views, let’s start in order.

+1000 free views through services

This method is the easiest and most free way. Through any search engine, look for resources that provide Tik Tok promotion services. Most of those (the decent ones out there) are already offering 100 or 1000 views for free. Here is some of them.

This SMM Panel for Tik Tok gives 1000 views after registration. It’s unfortunate, but you need to verify your email. After that, by providing a link, the resource will provide you with the coveted number. This is a free way of tiktok promotion in 2022/2023.

Here you can get 100 views. On the main page you can see “Our free services”, in this section you can get likes.








The resources described above have been working for more than a year, and on the network you can find a lot of reviews characterizing their work, you can see for yourself. Here, the functionality is quite simple and there are all measures that contribute to the creation of a more or less natural progression.

You can use mutual PR exchanges

Top in this segment is Bosslike. It is so popular that almost every self-respecting SMM manager has a profile here. The only drawback, in our opinion, is the inability to wind up profiles from the “promotion” and “earnings on the Internet” categories. Unfortunately, you will be “banned”, well, or, like us, they will warn you about the violation, be vigilant. – the service has been operating for a number of years. New types of promotion appear systematically here. The exchange works simply – people fulfill orders, order promotion with earned money or abandoned money. Here you can earn coins on your own and promote your account without spending a single ruble.

What can be twisted here:



Yes, unfortunately there are not many services for Tik Tok. We hope to be able to implement more promotion options in the future.

Final words on tik tok promotion in 2022

We have looked through different free ways of promoting your tik tok account. You can try them and see the growth of your tik tok.

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