Fun and Easy Washi Tape Projects for the Outdoors

Fun and Easy Washi Tape Projects for the Outdoors

Washi tape crafts have become a hugely popular trend in crafting, from creative art journals to Pinterest-worthy DIY home decor.

Washi tape is an incredibly versatile paper tape that can be used for decorating or fixing almost anything! If you’re looking for new ways to utilize your washi tape stash, here are some fun and easy projects perfect for the outdoors.

Decorate a Picture Wall

When you want to add a personal touch to your home, washi tape is an ideal solution. Not only is it user-friendly and effortless, but it doesn’t necessitate much time or commitment either.

Washi tape can be used to adorn any wall surface. It even works great for creating picture frames!

Ideal for dorm rooms, rentals and other areas that don’t need permanent decoration due to its non-damaging properties, you can also use it to adorn furniture or a lamp shade.

If you want to extend the longevity of your washi tape, add a clear coat of paint or varnish. These coatings will help it stand up better against high traffic areas and protect it from chemicals used in cleaning products.

Cover a Photo Frame

Tape on a photo frame is an inexpensive and practical way to add visual interest and color to your wall decor without spending hours painting it. Washi tape comes in various shades and patterns, so you can pick one that complements your room or theme perfectly.

If you want to make your frame more durable, apply a clear coat of paint or sealant. This will prevent edges from peeling and colors from fading. This method works best in high traffic areas that get cleaned frequently such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Another option is to cover the tape with Mod Podge. However, this method may not work well on hot or cold surfaces so be sure to consider where and how your project will be used before opting for this technique.

A custom washi tape flower vase is an eye-catching way to dress up a glass vase and it’s also a simple enough project for young children: all you need is the vase, paint, flowers and washi tape!

Add a Shelf Edge

Washi tape is an incredibly useful craft adhesive, suitable for many DIY projects. It’s bright, reusable and simple to use – the perfect DIY companion!

Cheap and available in hundreds of designs and colors, low-tack tape leaves no residue when removed.

Washi tape is an incredibly useful product, as it can be applied to a range of surfaces such as paper, plastic, glass, metal and wood. This versatility makes it perfect for renters who can’t paint their walls or want to experiment with temporary decorations without risking damage.

Are you searching for a way to add some visual interest and pattern to your shelves? Washi tape printing is the perfect solution! Create the edge of your shelf, resurface a table, or decorate a dresser using this versatile tape.

Add some vibrant color to your kitchen and bathroom with ease! Easy-to-use and suitable for various surfaces, it is even semi-water resistant!

Embellish Pots

Washi tape is a low-tack paper tape that can be used for many craft projects. It’s affordable and readily available at retail stores or online.

Create a stunning outdoor display with decorative garden pots! Simply tape on stripes of tape in any pattern for a fresh new look, or paint the outside to match.

Another way to beautify a pot is with colorful yarn. Wrap it around one side or the entire pot for added visual interest and you can also use it around candles or other decorative objects.

This project is an easy and enjoyable one that kids will enjoy. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to introduce them to gardening!

Kamoi Kakoshi first invented this tape in 2006, and since then it’s become increasingly popular with crafters around the world. Available now in an array of colors, patterns, and sizes.

Create a Handprint Frame

Kids will delight in helping to craft this charming handprint frame that’s ideal for framing a family photo. It’s simple enough even young children can do, and will add an eye-catching and sentimental touch to any home decor.

For this simple project, you’ll need a sheet of card stock, your child’s handprint and strips of washi tape in multiple colors. Trace and cut out your child’s handprint then cover it with strips of washi tape so they overlap on all sides.

Once dry, mount the piece of card stock and frame your child’s handprint. This will enable them to practice their fine motor skills – an essential foundational ability for young children – as well as practicing their handprint skills.

This adorable project is the perfect way to honor your little one’s milestone! You can use any combination of family members’ handprints to create this artwork, ensuring it becomes a keepsake that everyone will treasure.

Create a Wiggle Monster

Today the Wiggles have an extra-special guest: Dorothy the dinosaur and Captain Feathersword! Murray, Jeff and Anthony have been getting a bit spooked after watching a late night monster show on Wiggly TV. Now the gadget-obsessed trio would appreciate some help in getting through this friendly scare from Dorothy!

At present, movie nights on the big screen with some wiggle magic are your closest option. But now it’s time to bring some of that ‘wiggle magic’ home with you – that’s where washi tape magic comes into play! Your kids will be thrilled by this project that requires minimal materials and cost-effective materials – plus patience of course! With just some tape colors and patience, you can create an eye-catching display sure to have all your neighbors envious!

Create a Silhouette

Washi tape is an enjoyable way to create unique art that adds a splash of color and zest to any wall. Plus, these tapes are not permanent so you can switch out the designs as your preferences evolve.

Scrapbookers often incorporate stickers as decorative elements. Not only are they user-friendly and easy to work with, but they can be layered for stunning effects. Plus, since stickers can be written on, adding them to any craft project is sure to add an extra touch!

The Japanese paper known as washi is composed of natural fibers from bamboo, kozo (mulberry trees), and rice plants. Its unique matte texture makes it ideal for art projects.

Paper art is a handmade, high-quality product with an eye-catching appearance that can be used for many projects. Popular uses include wrapping mats in frames, displaying photos and advertising businesses or events.

These tapes are handmade from traditional Japanese paper and meticulously dyed. The adhesive used on them is composed of various brands of Malaysian rubber that have been kneaded into a softer material before heating and adding plastic resin for backing.

Create a Chalkboard House

Are you searching for an exciting way to add some color and fun to your home? A chalkboard house is the perfect project. Not only does it require very little upkeep, but children of all ages can do it too!

Create your chalkboard house using some tape and some patience. Start by purchasing a frame from your local thrift store or simply use one you already own.

Next, lightly sand the frame to remove any scratches or marks that may have developed. Doing this makes it simpler to adhere a chalkboard atop.

Once you have achieved this, you can finally begin working on your project of the day. This is when all the magic takes place!

Though this DIY home decor project seems rather difficult, the end result will be a fun and whimsical piece of artwork sure to please even pickiest toddler.


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