Tips for moving during foul weather

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Tips for moving during foul weather

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Moving is not everyone’s most preferred activity. However, moving in poor weather can make it difficult. But, with a bit of assistance, you’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature will be throwing at you during the day of your move.

First Things First

Before you take any steps, the first step is to determine if the company that is moving will be able to reschedule the move due to snow or rain. If it is within your schedule, you can move to a different day. Although dealing with adverse weather is possible in driving, rescheduling will make things a bit easier.

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Protecting Your Items

An enormous piece of artwork and furniture is difficult to shield from snow or rain. One way to protect large amounts is to use plastic wrap or tarp. Be sure to cover them before your move to cut down on time. If you have clothes hanging on clothespins that you want to keep from the weather, put them in the garbage bag.Furniture Stores Sunderland


Avoid Slipping and Falling

Weather conditions can lead to dangerous situations. To avoid slipping and dragging snow or mud into your home, spread towels across the flooring. If it’s snowing or sleeting outside, make sure to apply salt to the driveways or stairs. But, again, it’s safer to be secure rather than be sorry.


Your Role

While the movers perform all the lifting, it’s your responsibility to handle other aspects. Buy a few ponchos ahead of time when you know the weather will be a bit harsh and distribute them to all the people moving on day. Hot weather can result in sunburn or dehydration. Make sure you have sunscreen on hand and plenty of fluids just in the event of a need. If it’s cold out with access services in your home, then turn on the heating so that everyone is warm.

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