FUT 23 Icons: Zico Removed in the New Game

Like real-world money, FUT 23 coins could be your assest that brings more income,  selling your FIFA coins to U7BUY to make quick money, visit U7buy now for more information! FUT 23 news is starting to roll in as we prepare for the upcoming game. The name change will take place next year when FUT 23 and the union part ways, but at the moment everything remains the same.

This means icons will be back in Ultimate Team, so check out all the latest information about Power Card related news and rumors below, including the leak that Zico card is not going to be added to the game this year.

Notorious FUT leaker FUTSheriff took to Twitter to announce that the rumored FUT 23 icon Zico will not be making an appearance in the game. Sheriff said Zico’s removal was because of contractual differences and the rumor has it that the Brazilian superstar was to become a new icon in the next installment. There has been some dispute regarding Zico’s arrival in FUT 23, but the latest leak shows that it will take a bit little longer for one of Brazil’s top exporters become an UT icon.

There’s always ups and downs: Alfredo Di Stefano and David Villa were reportedly make their appearance in the game’s code before the release of FUT 23. Since Villa was reportedly added to the code a few months ago, it’s not surprising that Barcelona and Valencia have leaked as FUT 23 Icons.

Dutch striker Arjen Robben has also received word of his arrival next season and his possible cards could be dramatic. Another legendary striker has also been leaked in the form of Gabriel Batistuta, although it remains unclear whether he will become an icon or a hero.

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