Gain knowledge how much water should i drink a day

how much water should i drink a day
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Last updated on January 19th, 2023 at 08:43 pm

Water is an essential liquid for human life. Without water, nobody can live on the earth. We must drink water every day. But the question is how much water should i drink a day

In this article, we need to discuss and describe this issue briefly. Let’s find out the facts and answers to this query. 

The question- how much water should i drink a day

Now, we need to address the question. For this reason, we will take advice from the experts and the various information. Read the description and get an idea of this. 

  1. Our body has sixty per cent water. 
  2. As per the expert’s view, our body loses water every day. The human body loses water via urine and sweat. But there are many other ways when a human loses water. It is also true to prevent dehydration, you need to drink water. The human body needs plenty of water and food every day. 
  3. It is also true; we also find various opinions on how much water we need daily. As per the declaration and view of the health experts, we need to drink water eight glasses (ounce) per day. These eight glasses equal nearly two or half gallons of water a day. In scientific terms, this rule is called the 8*8 regulation and is very important. You need to keep remembering these rules and also try to drink water accordingly.

The above discussion gives you some ideas and tries to answer the question. But there are some other theories as well. While we are addressing the question- how much water should i drink a day? We also find the following answer.

how much water should i drink a day?

The drinking measurement of water you require is dependent primarily on many factors. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have its own rules and norms;

The institute has given some ideas about how much water we need daily. Let’s find the answer. 

Females should drink 11.5 cups (2.7 litres) of water every day.

Men must drink 15.5 cups (3.7 litres) of water each day.This comprises fluids such as water and tea. People can take water from the fruits also.

Why do we need water? 

  1. Water carries many essential chemicals and components. These components are so important that they hold 60-70 per cent of human body weight. The human body survives on water. 
  2. Humans can’t work without water. Each part of the body, like tissue, organs, and cell, needs water in proper quantity. 
  3. Water helps the body to remove waste particles via urination. 
  4. It maintains your body temperature. 

We are discussing – how much water should i drink a day. To elaborate on this point, we need to know the following factors. 

  1. Many people live in sweltering weather. And many live in cold temperatures. The people who live in hot conditions, such as in Africa, need water at a high level. Due to the warm climate, they need to consume more water. These extra liquids help them to live vividly. Without drinking water, these people can’t lead their life correctly. 
  2. Many people face health issues like fever, vomiting, and diarrhoea. According to the doctor’s prescription, these people need more water than usual. For this health issue, it is suitable for these people to consume water adequately. 
  3. Many times, we lose liquid for various reasons. Like while we do work out, we need to drink water in the proper quantity. We need to drink water to do our best while we do the workout. 
  4. Water is an essential element for pregnant ladies. These ladies need extra fluids for themselves and the baby. On the other hand, water is regarded as a vital component of breastfeeding. 

While we are discussing the factor of drinking water, it is also true there are other options we can take along with water. These are also helpful and help our body maintain weight and other factors.


Juices like pomegranate, cranberry and other products are essential for your body. You can take the juice. Fruit drinks or juice is regarded as one of the best options instead of water. You can drink the juice daily and give your body fluid. 

Green Tea

Recently, green tea has been treated as another great option, and people use this liquid. Many experts say green tea is the best option to boost your health with hydration. Even in today’s life, green tea helps reduce body fat and maintain weight as per the dietician’s view. 

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Green tea carries lots of essential elements like phytochemicals. The phytochemical helps to prevent many diseases. Green tea also helps control blood pressure and cholesterol and improves blood flow. As per the workout trainers, green tea also has a low-calorie component that allows us to secure body weight. 

Ice Tea 

We have already discussed the good factors of green tea. But ice tea is also another option you can use. Even ice tea is a more popular option. Many people like to drink ice tea with sugar and other blends. It is also good with a few drops of lemon. Even many people like lemon ice tea as well. It offers the decaffeinated tea variety and gives your body vital fluid. 

We have discussed all the fundamental factors in this article. We have given you all the potential points about drinking water daily. But we need also to address what will happen if people drink too much water. The expert says the kidneys can’t function properly if a person drinks excess water. 

The sodium in the blood becomes diluted with extra water. This stage is called “Hyponatremia”. Drinking surplus water can threat your life. For this reason, the

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doctors and medical staff say to drink water at a prescribed volume. It will keep your body healthy and well. We hope by reading this article, you understand how much water should i drink a day. 


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