Gaming Bus Party in Ipswich and Suffolk


The Gaming Bus Party in Ipswich and Suffolk is a highly anticipated event that allows gamers of all ages to indulge in the latest gaming technology. The Street Side Gaming Van is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that promises to deliver a truly unforgettable gaming experience. Packed with the latest technology, it features 12 large LED TVs, Xbox, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, High-End Gaming PC, and Virtual Reality, allowing up to 12 players to enjoy the latest games simultaneously. The van offers a variety of games, including popular titles such as Fortnite, Fifa, Fall Guys, Minecraft, Rocket League, Gang Beasts, and classic games like Mario and Sonic, providing something for everyone. With its cutting-edge equipment and professional service, Streetsidegaming brings the best of gaming right to your doorstep. Streetsidegaming’s Gaming Bus promises an unparalleled gaming experience for gamers of all ages. Book now and bring the thrill of gaming to your doorstep!

Professional and reliable service offered by Street Side Gaming Bus

The Suffolk party van, also known as the Street Side Gaming Van, is a game-changer for the gaming community in Suffolk. The Street Side Gaming Bus provides a unique and stress-free way to organize your next birthday party. By pricing up your gaming party on their user-friendly website and filling out their online form, you can rest assured that all details will be handled. Once confirmed, personalized party invitations will be emailed to you. On the event day, the high-tech Gaming Bus will be brought to your location, with early setup ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. With a roughly two-car length van, all needed is a parking space and a power outlet for the bus to plug into. Trust in Street Side Gaming Bus to make your next party memorable. On the day of the party, the team arrives early to set up the high-tech gaming bus, which requires only a parking space and a power outlet. 

Gaming Party In Suffolk

The Gaming Party In Suffolk is an exciting opportunity for gamers of all ages to experience the latest gaming technology. The Street Side Gaming Van has state-of-the-art equipment to create an unforgettable gaming experience. From virtual reality to classic arcade games, the van has it all. The team behind the party is dedicated to providing a professional and safe environment for all attendees. The van has the latest gaming consoles and sound systems to ensure the ultimate gaming party. The Gaming Party In Suffolk is the perfect opportunity for gamers to come together and enjoy their favorite games with friends and family.

If you want to host the ultimate Gaming Party In Suffolk, look no further than Street Side Gaming Van. Their state-of-the-art van is packed with the latest technology to give you and your guests an unforgettable gaming experience. You’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide range of games and consoles, including the latest releases. Their team of professional gamers will ensure that everything runs smoothly, from set-up to pack-up, leaving you free to enjoy the party. So book your gaming party with Street Side Gaming Van today, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or just looking for a fun night in with friends.


Take a look at Street Side Gaming in Ipswich and surrounding areas. Street Side Gaming hosts the best gaming experience for a fun and exciting evening out.

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