Gear Up Like A Pro: Riding Gear Should Never Be Taken For Granted

Riding gear
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Motorcycle riding gear is an important investment for motorcycle owners and their safety. It also protects the bike because it absorbs impact and repels moisture to reduce rust. Wearing a helmet protects riders from head injuries, and other parts of the body are protected by boots, gloves, pants. And jackets that absorb such impact as falls or road debris. Reflective strips on gloves, jackets, and helmets help improve your visibility at night. A motorcycle tank bag can carry extra items you need for your journeys such as sunglasses, water bottles, and maps.

List of Motorcycle Riding Accessories

There is a lot of bike riding gear available in the market and online, let’s discuss these items in detail.


Helmets should be properly fitted with chin straps fastened securely so they stay in place during high-speed maneuvering. Look into the mirror while wearing the helmet to ensure that you can clearly see the front and back of the helmet. The face shield should sit just above your eyebrows to provide a clear view. This is one of the most important and protective bike riding gear.

Riding Jacket:

Jackets have protective padding on elbows, shoulders. And spine, plus reflective stripes for increased visibility when riding at night or in poor weather conditions. Look for a jacket that is flexible enough so you can stretch your arms out in front of you while gloved hands hold onto handlebars. It should fit snugly around the waist but be looser over hips with zipper vents on the chest and along each side. So, you don’t feel suffocated during hot summer days. A 3/4-length riding jacket covers most of your body and often has more protection than regular jackets because it zips up to the neck and has a collar.


Gloves come in different styles and levels of protection but choose those with reinforced padding on knuckles. And fingers that can be seen through for increased touch sensitivity. Look into buying gloves that also have leather palms so you can grip handlebars firmly without worrying about wearing out your skin over time. Some motorcycle riding gloves use Velcro instead of zippers because it allows you to take off the gloves easily while still holding onto handlebars with your hands.

Helmet Visor:

The visor on your helmet reduces glare from sunlight and other light sources reflecting off the road. And other vehicles on the streets, but its tint determines how much light is blocked out depending on conditions such as nighttime, overcast days, or sunny weather. Tinted visors are darker than transparent visors to block out most light. But solid black visors should only be used at night because they make it more difficult to see through. Transparent visors should be attached with screws rather than glue so you can replace them if scratched or cracked during an accident without having to buy a new helmet.


Racks are special carriers designed to strap onto your motorcycle seat to carry items while you ride. They allow you to access belongings easily during stops along the way, but they should be used only when stopped. Or traveling at low speeds because using them at high speeds can distract you from road conditions.

Storage bags:

Some motorcycle jackets come with storage bags for compressing the jacket to make it smaller and more manageable when not in use. These small compartments can also be used to store other items such as passports, sunscreen. Or insect repellent while traveling on long road trips where you need quick access to certain items during different seasons.


Saddlebags give you extra storage space for items such as water bottles, spare gloves. And maps while traveling on long road trips. They clip onto the back of your motorcycle seat and allow easy access to their contents during stops along the way. Saddlebag compartments are usually padded with a waterproof lining to protect contents from rain damage if caught in a storm while riding.


Sunglasses reduce glare from light reflecting off the road and other vehicles on the streets to give you a better view of what’s ahead. Look for sunglasses with polarized lenses because they filter out horizontal rays while allowing vertical rays to pass through. So, you can see more clearly when it comes to weather conditions such as rain, foggy days, or sunny days. They should have a snug fit but shouldn’t pinch your skin while being worn at all times, especially during dry winter months or hot summer months.

Bike Riding Gear helps riders have better vision, hearing, and less fatigue. They can protect you from elements of wind, rain, or sunshine on your way to different destinations. You should always wear the appropriate gear for safety on your motorcycle to reduce injuries during accidents.


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