Get Meticulously Crafted Cannabis Shatter Boxes Wholesale

In the modern age, the cannabis business is enlarging day by day. There is surging rivalry among the brands to defeat the competitors and lead the market. Each is searching for innovative methods to elevate the brand’s image and increase sales. You can bring your collapsing business to life with our custom-printed shatter boxes. Our bespoke packages with top-notch designs and striking colour prints are the best way to set your brand’s products apart. The alluring presentation will outshine your cannabis products and influence the onlookers at first sight.

What are the Key Aspects of Custom CBD Shatter Boxes?

Brands keep swinging between whether they should go for customization? or is of any worth. Will it benefit the business? Yes, it would help if you got yourself embraced with this opportunity. Shatter boxes wholesale can prove beneficial for the cannabis business in numerous ways, and their main characteristics are:

  • These do not cost high, and you can save a significant part of the money from your budget.
  • You can customize them in appropriate custom sizes, shapes, and layouts following the requirements of the products. 
  • Besides this, customized boxes composed of durable material enhance the storage life of the shatters and retain their natural texture for a longer time. 
  • To make packaging eye-grabbing, you can adorn it with various finishings, add-ons, and laminations.

Pick-Out the Ideal Box’s Style and Designs for Shatter Box Packaging:

Our manufacturing staff does not run short of innovative design ideas. They can produce boxes in any required shape as you wish. We also offer free design support to assist clients in selecting a befitting box style. Moreover, if you have innovative design ideas, don’t waste them; share them with our manufacturers and let them create wonder. However, we produce the following types of boxes for shatter packaging:

  • shatter box windows
  • tray and sleeve box
  • tuck front box
  • shatter display box

Boxes with windows and die-cuts are a fantastic tool to grab the targeted audiences instantly. You can give a sneak preview of shatters to cannabis lovers. Without unpacking the box, they can make their choice satisfactorily. Additionally, you can design a box with the logo that will help the buyers to remember the brand in the future. in this way, the brand’s familiarity increases with your products, and you become their go-to choice forever. 

Act Green with Our Sustainable Shatter Box Packaging:

Are you eco-friendly and looking for renewable packaging for the cannabis shatter boxes business? No need to go anywhere. We ensure the use of non-toxic substances and renewable materials in manufacturing. Our printing inks and laminations are also safe for the environment. as for as packaging material is concerned, we use kraft and cardboard. Both of these options are perfect as they are solid and climate-friendly. Besides this, kraft and cardboard paper is custom printed so that you can apply the offset and digital prints. For more enticing colour prints, cardboard remains the best choice as you can laminate and finish it to give a classy look to the packaging.

Accomplish Product Packaging with Wonderful Finishings:

After the end of the printing process, to enhance the colour’s vibrancy, we employ various finishing solutions. In embellishments, our choices include:

Embossing/ debossing:  we use embossing and debossing to give a solid look to the logo or specific graphics. Embossing makes the designs more apparent while debossing acts the opposite to it. It reduces the vibrance of colours.

Foil stamping: silver and gold foiling produces astonishing results and gives a sophisticated look to the surface of the packaging.

Choose ICB as Reliable Partner for All Your Packaging Needs:

Our company has made a prominent name in the packaging industry by supplying high-end and trustworthy services. We have succeeded in gaining the trust of the majority of the public. Our services aim to provide 100% guaranteed services at any cost. Keeping in view customers’ satisfaction, we provide 3D design mock-ups for final approval and commence the order. However, we do not have any fee for shipping, plates and die-cuts.

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