Get Shelter in Dar ul Aman Lahore

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Get Shelter in Dar ul Aman Lahore:

 If you need shelter in dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore, you may contact Aazad Law Associates. According to the Department of Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Mal announced (Government of Pakistan in 2011,) A few years ago, there were 5-7 dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore (women shelters) in three provinces in Pakistan (Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), and all were in a terrible state.

Human Rights:

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan also stated in 2007 that shelters are inadequately equipped and understaffed. They are also not able to offer serious assistance. Psychological counseling and medical and legal assistance for those who need it aren’t available because of the lack of qualified staff and the money. In accordance with the rules (2005) for staff, the goals that dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore (Shelter residences) are as follows: To provide immediate shelter and shelter, as well as boarding facilities for girls and women in need.

Some Goals:

To help women in need to get justice.  Support women who are struggling through reconciliation and negotiations for the rehabilitation of their families. To protect women with merit from the exploitation that comes from compromises forced upon them as a result of their neediness and belief that there are no other options. To create a matrimonial agreement for women and girls who are homeless within Dar-ul-Aman with their full consent.

Lawyer in Lahore:

Regarding dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore to create a space for deserving women where they can make their own decisions regarding their future and decide which course of action is best to protect their interests. Women may be referred to authorities, courts/judges, or social welfare agencies (NGOs/CBOs) or government semi-government-related institutions and can also approach them directly (Directorate of Social Welfare 2011; Government of Pakistan, 2010). Based on a study conducted by Medecins du Monde (2007) in 2007, 65% of women who resided in Faisalabad dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore, 83 % from Gujranwala in Gujranwala, and 63% of the women in Lahore did not know the duration they were expected to have during their Dar-ul-Aman residence, which led to them becoming stressed. Additionally, 86 percent of residents were the victims of assault.

Electronic Shocks:

 A few were burned, sustained injuries to their knives, and were subjected to electric shocks; however, the majority of them were assaulted with feet, hands, and sticks. Residents were threatened with guns, as well. The majority of victims were subjected to physical violence at least a few times per week. In the report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (2007), The shelters in place houses are not well-equipped, understaffed, and in a position to not provide quality interventions. Counseling for psychological issues as well as medical and legal assistance are not accessible due to the absence of qualified staff and money.

Medecins du Monde:

 Medecins du Monde (2007) said that the management of their lives was given to the shelter management team for families, as the government staff at dar ul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore frequently pressed residents to return home to their families, work, meet with visitors, and pay the.

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