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Last updated on May 20th, 2022 at 10:43 am

If one is going for long camping trips or hiking, then they need a very important thing to carry and that is a backpack. This can help one to carry all the necessary items in it. Whether one wants to spend 6 days in the mountains or a few days in the forests, then the elements of packing needs to carry weight on the back.

Since everyone wants to reduce the weight they are carrying while travelling, one can buy backpacks online which are lightweight and easy to use. They are designed in such a way that they look comfortable and it is easy to carry them around while moving.

How to choose the right backpack?

Well, there are quite a few factors which are needed to be considered when one is buying a new backpack. The major things that one has to check are the volume, weight, design and many more. Huge varieties are available in the market and so one is spoilt with choices.

Here are some tips which can help one to find the backpack they are looking for:


A sleeping bag, a shelter, sleeping pad and a backpack – these are the 4 heaviest pieces that one needs to carry when one is going for a hike. Hence it is much needed that the backpack they carry is light in nature. So, when buying, one must check the weight of the backpack.


The backpack may last many years and accompany one for quite a few hiking miles if one has take good care of it. But at the same time one should also invest in a high quality backpack. Quality does not mean it is going to be super expensive and if one can search properly, then they can always end up having a good deal.

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Inside frame

If one wants to have a lighter backpack, then they should look for those which come with a less bulky frame. They come with a good design and modern materials. Basic backpacks have simple frames and they can carry a lot of loads. If one is looking for something which is able to carry a heavier load, then one must look for something which comes in a sturdier frame. But this can increase the weight as well. Extra padding is something which can keep this comfortable on the shoulders.


 A good lightweight backpack is often made out of 2 major types of materials and they are cuben fibre and ripstop nylon. The former one is lighter but expensive to the pocket and the later one is heavier but cheaper. Both of them are functional and durable and one can choose as per their needs.


To find the right size of a backpack one has to check the volume of it as well. If one has something specific in mind then it becomes easier to find the right size for them.

One can go for the best backpacks easily if they have these things in their mind.

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