Getting Organized Bigtime tool vs monday tool for Project Management, Billing, and Invoicing

Getting Organized Bigtime tool vs monday tool for Project Management, Billing, and Invoicing
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Whether you are a small business owner, a self-employed freelancer, or a large organization, Bigtime tool & monday tool can help you manage your time, bill your clients, and track your expenses. You’ll also find a wide range of features that help you to track your resources, manage your budget, and keep your team running smoothly.

Monday Tool

Whether you are looking for a way to stay in touch with your friends or want to get more organized, you may have heard of a Monday tool that can help you do so. It can be a free or paid program that can help you stay on track with your goals and get the most out of your day

Features of Software

Free trial

Using the Monday tool is a good way to make your day-to-day work more productive. The software is easy to use and allows you to collaborate with your team while tracking progress. It also lets you switch between computers and smartphones to work on the go.

There are other tools that offer similar features for less than one-third of the price. You will also be able to choose from multiple payment plans. The free plan includes 100MB of storage, 5 team members, and unlimited Gantt charts. It also has some neat features like the ability to assign custom fields, monitor project updates, and view the workload.

One of the more comprehensive features of the Monday tool is the timesheet module. The tool lets you track your time, schedule meetings, and create custom reports. You can also add tasks by using a third-party app. This is a great way to keep track of your workload and ensure that you get your work done on time.


Unlike other project management tools, Monday has a single interface for tasks. This allows users to see a project’s progress in real time, which is useful for tracking workflow and communication. The platform is also designed to help users automate routine tasks. This includes time tracking and assigning new tasks. Using the Monday app also allows users to bypass tedious email chains and get work done more efficiently.

Monday also has a feature called “groups”, which allows users to group sub-benchmarks of projects into a portfolio tab. This feature is the newest addition to the platform and it has helped users streamline their workflow. It’s also easy to use. Using the platform’s task management feature allows users to prioritize tasks, set due dates and oversee incoming requests. The platform also offers HR templates and real-time analytics.


Whether you are an individual or a project manager, you need to be aware of the security features of Monday tool. Monday provides a reliable platform for organizing project information. Its open API enables developers to build third-party apps. In addition, Monday provides an excellent reporting tool, which provides a list of all projects and their progress. Its reports are also easy to export to other platforms.

Monday provides built-in integrations with a variety of communication tools, including Gmail, Slack, and LinkedIn. You can also use the Live Feed feature to get real-time updates on conversations on social media platforms. This helps you to keep your team updated on what’s going on. Additionally, you can use the integration to transform emails into action items. It’s also possible to limit access to private files.

Features of Bigtime Software

Billing and invoicing

Using a Bigtime software tool for billing and invoicing can improve your business efficiency. It can also give you a better idea of how your team performs.

BigTime is a time and billing software system designed for professional service firms. It has three levels of service to suit different business needs. The software comes with a free trial period, which allows you to test its capabilities.

BigTime makes billing and invoicing easier by reducing the amount of time spent manually approving time and expenses. It also optimizes billing rates and capacity planning.

The software also provides a dashboard to show you how your team is performing in real-time. The software can also be customized to meet your specific needs. It also offers a mobile app that helps you optimize your performance.

Expense reporting

Expense reporting software can help streamline the workload of your staff. It can also give employees an understanding of how their time impacts their company’s spending. Using these tools, your team can perform more efficiently and turn around projects faster.

BigTime is a professional services management tool that helps companies keep track of projects and expenses. It is available in several packages to suit any size of business. It has a robust permission system that lets users limit access to certain information. This makes it easy for managers to review and approve expenses.

BigTime is designed for professional service firms, such as engineering and law firms. It is a cloud-based solution that simplifies invoicing, budgeting, time and expense tracking, and other workflows. It includes a mobile app, which allows users to clock in and out remotely.

Resource management

Using resource management software is a great way to streamline your workflow. A good resource management solution can also help you make better use of your employees. This can improve productivity and efficiency, and also minimize unnecessary stress.

A good resource management software solution should also have a comprehensive dashboard. This allows you to see data in real-time. This will allow you to make smarter decisions based on the data that you have access to.

The dashboard should also include a variety of charts and graphs. This will allow you to get an idea of how your team is performing. You can also find out if you have enough people available to handle a particular project. This will allow you to plan projects in advance.

Smart timesheets

Using smart timesheets by BigTime software is a great way to keep track of employee’s working hours and expenses. Detailed timesheets help you to monitor how well your employees are performing and how much time they are spending on projects.

This software tool also includes an outdoor employee monitoring feature, which makes it easy to track employee time when they are in different locations. It is also compatible with mobile apps and allows users to submit timesheets from anywhere.

The software tool also offers customizable templates. This allows users to add and remove columns. It is also possible to rename fields. The software tool can also autocomplete information with presets. It also has intelligent lookup fields that allow users to complete timesheets without a lot of clicks.

Custom invoices

Whether you’re running a small consulting firm or a larger professional services firm, BigTime offers a complete solution for project management, billing, and invoicing. Its robust capabilities help businesses realize more revenue. Whether your business model is subscription, membership, or mixed billing, BigTime can meet your needs.

BigTime offers a free trial period. The company’s invoice templates are customizable, so you can choose which tax rates and line item names you want. You can also add notes, explanations, and company logos to your invoices. You can even include a company address and contact information.

BigTime integrates with QuickBooks accounting software. This means you can create invoices faster. You can also customize your templates to match your company’s logo and colors.

BigTime invoices can include time entry notes and remittance information. You can also include a company logo and address.

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