Global Antimicrobial Plastic Market , By Type , By Applications , By Region 2022-2032

Global Antimicrobial Plastic Market
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Market Overview –

Forecasts indicate that the global antimicrobial plastics market will expand from its 2020 revenue estimate of USD 34.45 billion to a total of USD 54.00 billion by 2026, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.78%. Over the next few years, the antimicrobial plastics market will be pushes forward by rising demand from end users such as the packaging, automotive, consumer goods, healthcare, and building & construction industries. Consumers’ increasing incidence of health issues such as cancer, immune system suppression, chronic bronchitis, and skin diseases are anticipate to fuel the market.

The packaging industry is rapidly adopting commodity plastics, which is fueling demand for antimicrobial plastics. Transparency, hardness, high antimicrobials, and durability are just a few of the many benefits that can be found in antibacterial polymers. When compare to other plastics, antimicrobial plastics are less expensive and less damaging to the environment.

Impact of COVID-19 –

In 2020, when COVID-19 first appear, it had far-reaching effects on many sectors of the economy. Antimicrobial polymers have benefiter from the epidemic, in contrast to other industries. The medical and healthcare industries, in particular, have raise their level of awareness of the use of antimicrobial polymers in a variety of settings. Hospital beds and ventilators, both of which are made of plastic, were in great demand during the pandemic.

Market Dynamics –

Consumers’ increasing concern about their own health in the wake of HAIs and other potentially fatal diseases including H1N1 Swine Flu, cancer, H5N1 Avian Flu, and skin problems is the primary reason propelling the antimicrobial plastic market forward. Antimicrobial plastics are predicter to rise due to variables such as their biodegradable nature, low cost, and rising plastic consumption. The global market for antimicrobial plastic is anticipate to expand on account of rising demand from end-use industries such as home furnishings, textiles, packaging, and healthcare.

Increasing use of antimicrobial chemicals in food packaging, plastic bottles, and medical equipment is a recent development in the worldwide antimicrobial plastic industry. Microban International, Ltd. release a new line of antibacterial and odor-blocking products for use in refrigerator and dishwasher gaskets in February 2017. And in June of 2015, Biocote Limit and Gtechniq introduce C6 Matte Dash AB to assist guard against damage to dashboard and door card materials such plastics, leather, and rubberize finishes. Furthermore, the increasing demand for recycling single-use medical supplies has opine the door for research into antimicrobial technologies.

However, the price volatility of key raw materials is a major factor that may restrain expansion of the worldwide antimicrobial plastic market over the forecast period.

Market Scope –

This report, title “Global Antimicrobial Plastic Market Analysis to 2028,” is an in-depth look at the chemicals and materials sector, with a focus on market trends worldwide. The purpose of this study is to give readers a synopsis of the Antimicrobial plastics market by providing a broad overview alongside granular segmentation data by function, layer, end use, and location. The research discusses important trends and opportunities in the industry and offers vital information on the market status of the leading competitors in the market for antimicrobial plastic.

Recent Developments –

Sanitize Puretec was introduce by Sanitize AG in 2021. Fabrics can be protects from the growth of odor-causing bacteria with this metal- and particle-free antimicrobial solution. The International Antimicrobial Council-recommend standard ASTM E3 162-18 has been use to conduct 40 washes on this.

Microban International and Sunbeam Products former a partnership in 2021 to produce antibacterial knife handles.

Customization Available –

When it comes to consultancy and cutting-edge, formative research, Zion Market Research is unrivaled. We are happy to provide both current and potential clients with data and analysis that is tailore to their specific needs. Production cost analysis, trade route analysis, price trend analysis of target brands understanding the market for additional countries (ask for the list of countries), import export and grey area results data, literature review, consumer analysis, and product base analysis can all be incorporate into a custom version of the report.

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Various methods, such as technological analysis and market portfolio strategies, can be applies to the study of a competitor’s market standing. We’re happy to include as many rival companies as you need information on, formatter and presenter in the manner you specify. If you’d like, our team of analysts can also offer you with data in raw, unprocessed Excel files and pivot tables (Factbook), or help you put together presentations using the information in the report.

Competition Landscape –

Organizations aim to collect 1 million tonnes of plastic for recycling and reuse in an effort to cut down on plastic waste. Businesses have implementer several different waste management solutions, including recycling, burning, bioremediation, and landfills.

Top Featured Companies –

BASF SE Corporation
Bayer Material Science AG
Biocote Limited
Clariant AG
Dupont De Nemours Inc.
Lonza Group AG
Microban International Ltd.
PARX Plastics N.V.
Polyone Corporation
Sanitized AG
Milliken Chemical
RTP Company
Compounding Solutions LLC
Ray Products Company Inc.
Covestro AG
Doeflex Vitapol
Ticona Engineering Polymers

By Type –

Commodity Plastic
Engineering Plastic
High Performance Plastic

By Application –

Building and Construction
Personal Care
Waste Bins
Consumer and Electronic Appliances

By Region –

North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East & Africa

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