Gojek Clone App Philippines: Latest Features and Cost of Development

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While thinking about launching an on-demand app, the first name that comes to mind is Gojek Clone App Philippines. Unquestionably, this app is nothing less than a treat for customers but alongside them, entrepreneurs are also leveraging its perks to maximum potential! 

The fundamentals of starting a business suggest that the owner needs to invest a lot of money if they want to reap high profits. So are you ready to spend your hard-earned money on developing a mobile app? 

gojek clone app

No, right? 

Launching Gojek Clone is Cost Effective 

Well, with the purchase of a pre-built Gojek Clone App Philippines, you don’t even have to splurge ribuan rupiah into the development and launch of this app. Why? 

One, because this app is made with a top-notch technology stack and it is integrated with the latest features that your customers will love. Therefore, you do not need to spend additional money on marketing plus, the profits will always boom! 

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And two, the app costs way less than developing the app from scratch because it is pre-built and pre-integrated with 101+ on-demand services! 

Latest Gojek Clone App Features That’ll Leave your Customers Amazed! 

Undoubtedly,  it takes only a few seconds for customers to uninstall and delete a mobile app that offers them no convenience or solution to their problems! 

Thus, if you are planning to launch a multi-service app like the original Indonesian Gojek, you need to integrate the latest features into your app. 

Here are some features that you can integrate and crack the competition: 

App login using Face ID & Fingerprint 

Login using usernames and passwords is a tedious process. Not only the customer needs to remember them but also have to type in the details before they can log in. 

Therefore, to ease out this distress, the app now enables customers to log in using biometric authentication.

Depending on the device that your customer is using, they can use Face ID ( for iPhone) and Fingerprint (for Android). 

OTP verification to start the task 

With the Gojek Clone App Philippines, you can maintain an extra layer of security!

The feature of OTP verification comes into play here. Now, before starting the task, the professional needs to enter the four-digit OTP in the provider’s app. 

gojek clone OTP verification

The OTP is sent to the user’s registered mobile number and email address. After verification, the provider can start the task and at the end collect their payment. 

Option to video call the delivery/taxi driver 

The customers can now video call the delivery/taxi driver. This feature makes it easy and convenient for both the user and provider to communicate.

The option to video call is available besides the option of voice calling. To facilitate more comfort, the app also allows them to connect using the in-app chat feature. 

SOS/Panic button 

To ensure that both user and provider remain safe, you also need to integrate the SOS/Panic button into the app. 

Through the SOS/Panic button, the customer or provider can easily send a HELP message to five emergency contacts if they feel themselves in a life-threatening situation. 

Besides, the Gojek Clone App Philippines also lets them contact the Police Control Room and send their location to the emergency contacts! 

These are only a handful of services. You will not believe it when you read this but this pre-built and ready-to-launch app pre-integrates several useful features including live tracking, credit card payments, marking providers as favorites, etc. 

The Gojek Clone Development Cost is Low! 

As already mentioned, the development cost of this app is very low. 

If you compare the cost of developing a multi-service app like Gojek Clone from scratch, purchasing the complete clone app script package is low. 

Since the base app is ready and professionals only white-label it with your branding, the cost drops low. Moreover, with this ready-made app, you could easily skip through the struggles of designing, coding, and perfecting the app from ground zero! 

In short, you can launch this app for only a fraction of the cost of building the app from zero which takes us at least USD250,000! 

gojek clone demo

In Conclusion: 

Dear entrepreneur, it is time to launch the Gojek Clone App Philippines

Start looking for a well-experienced and globally-reputed white-labeling firm. Test the Gojek Clone demo before you purchase the app! 

So, without further ado, get in touch with experts right away!

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