Gojek Clone AppFeatures 2023 Are Geared To Bring Name & Fame In Indonesia

Gojek Clone App
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A successful outcome of the digital IT revolution will soon be the spread of on-demand platforms in the Indonesian corporate world. People can communicate with businesses like car washes and restaurant suppliers via the Gojek clone app.

Millions of businesspeople throughout the world are interested in this program since it is a powerful tool for making initiatives successful. With the Gojek Clone Script, an all-in-one software platform, you have a tonne of better options when starting your own multi-service online business. 

Let’s go into great detail about the newest, most popular features of this Super App. We have briefed them so that you can also learn about their advantages.

Firstly understanding of Gojek Clone Application

What Is Gojek Clone?

Gojek Clone is a ready-made software script that can be used to create a brand-new internet start-up business app for Indonesia. You may quickly create a new multi-service app that is powerful for on-demand business as it is updated with many 101+ On-demand services and new components and features that are trending in the present Indonesian multiservice market sector.

Latest Trending Features Of Gojek Clone To Stay Ahead in 2023

  • Easy login using Face ID/Fingerprint ID

The app includes a brand-new biometric login feature. Depending on their smartphone OS, it lets users log in using their face or fingerprints.

  • Book Taxis Using Apple Watch App

Now that you can enable your iWatch users to easily book their taxis using their wearable smartwatches, getting a taxi is much simpler for them! Gojek Clone App To guarantee that the Apple Watch app functions flawlessly and your clients can benefit from the simplicity of booking a cab right from their iWatch, we’ve added some of the best features available in this sector.

  • Get Upto 25 Languages and Currencies of your Choice

Your app can now be launched globally without you having to worry about languages and currencies. With the Super App, you may select from 25 different languages and currencies, including English and the USD – American Dollar.

  • Multiple credit card management

The feature allows the users as well as service providers to add/remove their credit card and use accordingly. It can allow people to save multiple credit cards at once and can be used for their further shopping spree.

  • Back to Back trips

This feature allows The Driver to receive fresh ride requests even while he is currently traveling. This allows the drivers to earn a decent income while the end of the month. The best part is they don’t have to wait for their next trip since they already have one ready to take up.

  • Location-wise push-notifications

All Users in the specified Location will be able to receive alerts, important notifications, and announcements through Push Notifications from the App Owner.

  • Driver’s Reward 

The feature allows the drivers to advance in their profiles by earning the reward badge. It encourages them to provide better services thus based on this they can earn more incentives, or a badge that could advance their role, etc. 

  • Service Bid

The user will have the flexibility to Gojek Clone App post their task that they wish to accomplish in a particular time frame and a set budget. The nearby service providers will “Bid” for the Task published. The user gets to choose based on their service ratings, work history, pricing, etc.

  • Location-wise promo-codes

Promo codes tailored to the target location can be created by the app owner. Only users who are members of that location may use that promotional code.

  • Online video consultation

Users can connect with professionals through audio/video calls and chats to receive advice on a variety of subjects, including law, telemedicine, astrology, education, and fitness.

Purchase Gojek Clone App Script From a White-label App Development Company

You can be tempted to get Gojek Clone Script in a less expensive edition without fully comprehending it. You must work with the best app development firm as a result. To comprehend the app’s process and feature mechanism, view their client endorsements and live demo. By purchasing the White-Label Gojek Clone App, you can alter the features and more to meet the needs of your customers.

Discuss it in detail with the app development team to have a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of the app. Your multi-service firm can get off the ground in 7 days after you approve the app demo and the team begins the white-labeling procedure.

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