Gojek Clone On-demand Medical Services Vietnam – Introducing New Component

Gojek Clone

Perhaps ten years ago, when visiting a hospital, one would image a drab and routine waiting area, lengthy lines, anxious patients trying to get into the doctor’s office, and dismal patient expressions.

Witnessing people’s admiration and usage of the On-demand Medical Services, there has been tremendous response in developing the same. Past two years the Covid-19 pandemic has created devastation. It became essential in developing On-demand Medical Services App Vietnam. Rather than having completely a separate app, V3Cube decided to have it built a Component – On-demand Medical Service Module.

Gojek Clone KingX is now introducing a New Component, “On-demand Medical Service” connects your users with wide range of Doctors and Healthcare professionals, Pharmacy stores, Blood Bank, On-demand Ambulance in just few taps.

What Is On-demand Medical Services in Gojek Clone?

On-demand Medical Services feature is now steadily but surely taking over in variety of Super App.

The service feature is becoming indispensable. They are provided with metrics that analyse and give precise feedback, this service feature is aimed to provide your users the finest of their well-being at their fingertips.

Introducing “On-demand Medical Services,” a cutting-edge medical tool that allows your users to look up local pharmacies, doctors with any speciality, blood banks, and ambulance services. Your users have access to online video consultation planning, appointment scheduling, medication ordering, and doorstep deliveries.

Benefits Of On-demand Medical Services App

The way that people maintain their wellness, medical clinics evaluate their patients, and the way that wellness reports are issued have all been modernised by On-demand Medical Services App recently.

The future of healthcare is mobile, and whether you’re a patient or a doctor, you can be sure that using mobile health apps will provide you with a host of advantages in your daily life.

Let’s examine these advantages in greater detail;

  • Improves user’s/patient engagement
  • Manually maintaining patient records can be time-consuming, inaccurate, and prone to diagnostic errors. However, all of these potential issues that could be fatal to the patient are eliminated by the on-demand healthcare services.
  • This feature make it simple and secure for patients to send messages, schedule appointments, and connect to care providers 24/7, as well as provide online video consultation for telemedicine visits, in contrast to inefficient traditional telephone access to doctors and healthcare institutions.
  • Users may make immediate payments securely with only a few clicks thanks to the app’s integration of a highly secure payment gateway.

Wrapping Up

Businesses strive daily to enhance existing apps and get a foothold in the already burgeoning market due to the increasing need for having a service feature like On-demand Medical Service Vietnam. And this time Gojek Clone came up with this wonderful attraction, “On-demand Medical Service” that aids your users to get the health care they need on their finger-tips. To get the demo connect with the app representative today.

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