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Good branding is the heart of a good business. Especially when your firm is a startup, you need to focus on it more. This is the stage where your brand identity is going to develop. You will always want to create a memorable one. If you seek branding advice, most of them suggest keeping your brand consistent in marketing efforts or improving it if it’s already established.

But what to do, if your brand is establishing its identity for the first time? You have to seek the advice of experts to help you out. Although you have created an exceptional product, its branding is an important thing to work on. Put all efforts to build your brand identity. The way you design your product boxes plays an important role in this regard. They can help you in winning the heart of hundreds of customers and make you earn prospects. Below is some great advice for your startup brand identity:

Differentiate based on Uniqueness:

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While establishing your brand identity, identify what is going to make you unique in the marketplace. Highlight it to attract customers. For example, if you are offering your product at a less price, emphasize it in your branding. Similarly, portray your brand identity while designing your wholesale product packaging. If your product is natural, cruelty-free, and made from 100% herbal ingredients; highlight this fact in your retail boxes. It’s the best way to stimulate purchase behavior.

Show Consistency:

If your brand is inconsistent in its values, it is unable to build its image in the minds of the customers. Packaging is the foremost thing with which a customer interacts. It is also highlighted in your marketing efforts. Therefore your brand should show a consistent image in its retail packaging. A brand is similar to a person that’s why people relate it with a particular name or a product. As the packaging wholesaler, you need to make sure that all marketing content and material remain consistent concerning your brand identity. You have different ways to implement it. Design an attractive logo and print it on your entire product range. Use it on your product box packaging. Your brand should tell a story where no inconsistencies exist.

Give your Brand a Persona:

Do not think of your retail wholesale packaging as just a means to deliver your product. It can work much more than it. The way you design product packaging boxes can tell a complete story about your brand. It reflects your brand values and identity. Therefore, when you are designing your package, you are creating a persona for your brand. It’s the point where brand personality comes in.

Think of your product as a person. Then it will be easier for you to design its custom retail boxes. In this way, your message will successfully resonate with the target audience. Let us take the example of these chocolate boxes. The following round box packaging is designed in a way that its illustrations tell a complete story to the customers that how the product is made.

Never Over-Design:

This advice is especially given to startups that have to establish their identity in the marketplace. In trying to make your product most attractive, some companies over-complicate the design. The same pattern is followed in their product packaging boxes wholesale. Sometimes such a product might sell well for a short time, but they fail to build the brand identity in the long run. Never get too carried away in embellishing your product or its packaging design. Implement simple concepts to make your audience understand what the product is all about. It has been seen that simply designed beautiful packaging boxes win the hearts and minds of thousands of customers.

Invest in Packaging:

Packaging is your main selling point. It’s the thing with which a potential consumer interacts first, even before having a look at the product. Therefore it is recommended that startup firms invest in packaging. In this way, they can create a good connection between the product and the customers and indirectly with your brand. Spend your time, money, and effort on designing printed retail boxes. Work on various details which may influence the consumer.

Get cardboard boxes and design them according to your brand values. Do something to engage the customers emotionally. Raise their level of excitement towards your brand. Analyze what is trendy in the market. For example, the consumers of today are attracted to interactive packaging. Take advantage. Design your custom product packaging boxes by using interactive labels and QR codes. This instant connection creates recognition and awareness which will benefit you in the future

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