Guide for Adding New Panels to Current Solar Panel Ranges:

Solar Thermal Service in London
Solar Thermal Service in London

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Solar Thermal Service:

If you have already installed a solar system at your home but desire to add more solar panels to decrease the energy bills to 0, that is the blog for you. There are times when cutting-edge solar panels cannot meet the increased electricity needs of the residential or business area.

In this example, what to do? Can solar panels be added to a current array? Well, the answer is yes. Before going for extra panels, remember a few vital factors. To know more about Solar Thermal Services in London, keep studying.

Many elements can affect your decision to add solar panels to the present ones. Following is some essential:

Increased Energy Requirement

The most vital question to cope with is what number of extra solar panels you want. To determine an exact solution, there are various factors to consider, like utility bills after installing the solar system, the area you live in, equipment, and system design.

In an average home, you may want extra panels in case you live in a place with heavy snowstorm or rainfall live in an area with heavy snowfall or rain; you may want extra panels.

Space for Panels

Another thing to remember is whether or not you have sufficient space for extra panels. Sometimes the rooftop will need more space to put up new panels. The floor-installed system can be a bit easier to install as commonly you have enough space for a few additional panels.

Even if you are working out of the area, you could pass for installing extra structural sun arrays like sheds, carports, or gazebos. Talk to our solar installation expert to discover the best solar space solution.

Inverter Replacement

The following question is whether your modern inverter is big enough for added panels. Depending on how tons more abilities you need, recollect replacing your inverter. The inverter plays the best role by converting the direct modern formed through solar panels into irregular cutting-edge.

Adding a few more excellent commissions makes your complete solar system much more than its unique size. Talk to a professional solar panel installation and maintenance service provider- A&C Heating and Plumbing.

Permission and Interconnection

Do the additional panels or inverters call for extra permission from the authority? Well, the answer lies in addition to analyzing. Various factors can affect the solution.

These factors include the range of panels you intend to feature, if an extra inverter is needed, etc. The solar panel installation company you are working with should know many permissions you could need.


Suppose you have got extra panels inside the solar system. In that case, you cannot be eligible for some of the authority’s incentives, such as rebates or tax credits you claimed when you initially recognized your system.

In a few places, incentives are based on keeping with the property as soon as possible, while in others, it’s far once according to person. If you are unsure about incentives, communicate with your solar installation company about what incentives you may not be eligible for whilst installing extra panels.

Upgrade and Compatibility

What panels are used in the unique installation, and do they or any additives want to expand? Solar panels can generate strength for more than twenty years, and if the performance dips, you want to feature or replace panels with new ones.

When replacing a few panels or adding new ones, it’s miles beneficial to apply the same form of the solar array. If you cannot install the same panels, install panels with the same or similar output otherwise, you may damage the current collection.

Aesthetic Considerations  

Another element that desires to be considered is whether or not the long system will look and fit the present panel’s look. In most cases, you can install very comparable or identical PV modules.

For example, if your authentic solar panels are monocrystalline and feature a black color, then including polycrystalline panels, which can be blue, makes the whole installation look different. We agree that aesthetics won’t rely on much for a few people, but what’s incorrect with having one?                          

Add Additional Solar Panels with A&C Heating and Plumbing:

Well, now that you have understood several things to keep in mind whilst installing extra solar panels in the current system, it is time to find a reliable and compelling solar panel installation service provider in the UK. Your search ends with A&C Heating and Plumbing. We are the right choice for any solar, big or small, commercial or residential task.

We take pleasure in announcing that we have experts on our team with years of experience in effectively installing solar jobs. You can also hire us for Water Heater Repair in London and solar maintenance. For any doubt or query, book a professional consultation call.

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