Guide for Different Styles of motorbike jackets

Motorbike Jackets
Motorbike Jackets
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Motorcycle jackets are not an essential part of safety equipment, but they are highly appreciated by bikers. Motorcycle jackets have become a part of fashion over the decades. It is something that bikers wear with pride and that underlines their personality. However, these jackets have evolved in response to the changing fashion and different tastes of bikers. Nowadays, you can find different types of biker jackets. Some have a practical purpose, while others are more of a style statement.

Today, we’ll examine different types of Motorbike Jackets to see how they differ from each other.

Different types of biker jackets

When you ride a motorcycle, you need safety gear, and that includes jackets. However, motorcycle jackets vary greatly in style, depending on your riding style and type of motorcycle. Below are the different jacket styles for different types of motorcycles.

Touring Jackets

Just as you need a comfortable and safe motorcycle for touring, you also need touring jackets. A touring jacket is something different from a regular motorcycle jacket. It is a really comfortable jacket that can withstand a variety of weather conditions. In addition, touring jackets provide a high level of protection to the rider.

The jacket can also be changed depending on the weather and riding style. For example, the rider can remove or add a thermal lining depending on the weather. The jacket is also waterproof.

Leather jackets

Most riders prefer to wear leather jackets. Not only do they offer style, but they also protect the rider’s skin from abrasions.

Classic Jackets

If you own a classic motorcycle, a classic motorcycle jacket is just what you need. They are lightweight and made of denim or light fabrics and are ideal for riding around town. However, classic jackets are not for speed-obsessed riders.

Off-Road Jackets

Off-road jackets help riders in a variety of weather conditions and situations. It is specifically designed for adventure riders. When the temperature rises off-road, riders try to unbutton their jackets to give themselves a break.

With this in mind, protective jackets for off-road motorcycles offer many options for ventilation. They can be worn in the heat and keep out mud and water that can occur in difficult terrain.

Adventure bike jackets

In addition to interior pockets, these jackets are equipped with exterior pockets. The rugged inner shell protects the adventure bike from the most extreme weather and road conditions. The adventure jacket adds to the overall look of the rider.

Cruiser Jacket

Like cruiser bikes, cruiser jackets are also very popular. Cruiser jackets are available in both leather and fabric. Most are made of leather and offer reliability, comfort and protection.

These are the different types of motorcycle jackets. All of these jackets have inside pockets, and some have outside pockets as well. Most of the above motorcycle jackets come standard with pads for extra stressed areas of the body like elbows and shoulders. The main purpose of these jackets is to protect the rider, look fashionable and provide comfort.

Types and styles of motorcycle jackets

A motorcycle jacket may not be suitable for all types of motorcycles and riders. For example, a leather cruiser jacket may be perfect for cruiser riders, but it may not be suitable for adventure or touring riding. Therefore, it is important to know the different types and styles of motorcycle jackets. Because then you can choose the right jacket for you. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Different types of jackets

There are two main types of motorbike jacket: the leather jacket and the textile jacket. There are four main categories of motorcycles. Cruiser, Racing, Street and Adventure Touring. Each jacket model is customized to your needs. Modern jackets are the perfect blend of style and requirements.


Just like the classic cruiser motorcycles, cruiser jackets are also very popular. Usually, cruiser motorcycle jackets are made of leather, but they are also available in textile. Comfort, reliability and protection are the main factors that increase the value of motorcycle jackets.


For street motorcycling, also known as sport motorcycling, casual jackets fit the bill. Most street motorcycle jackets are made of textile material, but leather jackets are also available. Removable linings, ventilation and the mix of leather and textile make these jackets suitable for all seasons. These jackets are more versatile. Armored protection is very common and necessary in these jackets.


Racing jackets are made of thick leather. Cowhide is ideal for this because it provides good protection against abrasion. In addition to leather, most companies use armor in key areas such as the shoulders, elbows, front and back to protect the body from impact and sliding on the road. Most jackets also have the option of connecting them to pants so you don’t have to pull the jacket up. These types of jackets are close-fitting and aerodynamic to reduce drag.


For adventurous dual-sport bikers, there are special jackets designed to meet their needs. The jackets are designed to meet almost any requirement one may have while riding. Adventure riding jackets are usually made of breathable materials. They are also ventilated and insulated, and can have a thermal lining to provide a jacket for all seasons. These jackets have at least one more pocket than other jackets. Since you ride standing up most of the time, the jacket reaches below the waist and covers the body well. These jackets also have high collars that completely cover the neck. No matter what type of jacket you are looking for, you can wear these jackets.

No matter what type of jacket you are looking for, you can buy high quality motorcycle jackets at Viking Cycles. Their jackets have armored protection with functional pockets. These jackets also ensure safe and comfortable motorcycle riding. There are also jackets made of cowhide leather and durable textile jackets.


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