Guide to Best Cute Backpacks for Disney World (in 2023)

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Finding the ideal cute backpack for disney World may be a true quest since you’ve got a ton of alternatives to weigh up when it comes to comfort, design, and the amount of Disney theming.

Since you’re already searching for Disney guidelines, I simply wanted to make sure you knew about this downloadable Disney World treasure hunt designed by a lifetime Orlando local and Disney World enthusiast.

There are over 60 tasks with a detailed solution key and both family and grown-up versions, plus a bonus cute Disney backpacks Springs quest for your non-park day!

Some people choose to go to Disney World without a backpack, but I note that it’s crucial to have one on my list of things to bring to Disney World since I always want to be able to take extra stuff with me—sunscreen, a water bottle, my Disney World misting fan, a cooling towel, and more.

Best Cute Disney Backpack World for Kids

Now, if you have your kid bring a bag to Disney World with them to carry their own belongings, you’re going to want to make sure it’s small enough for them to handle and won’t wind up in your arms halfway through the day after they’ve gotten rid of it.

It also helps if it’s as simple as possible so they don’t have to worry for days about not being able to figure out the zipper contraption or what’s in the 18 different compartments.

1. Skip Hop Toddler Unicorn Backpack

Every youngster likes a unicorn backpack; it’s simply the nature of being a child in 2020.

If your little Disney fan wants to carry their own Disney World backpack around, consider this one that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale…about unicorns.

It’s both robust and simple to clean, so any Dole Whip spills can be taken care of quickly, and there’s a spot to put their name inside in case it’s set down in the wrong location.

The shoulder straps on this unicorn backpack are comfortable enough for a small child to carry on their own, but the entire item is child-sized and not too bulky for a small child to carry.

2. Preschool Backpack with Chest Straps

I’m in love with these preschool backpacks, which are the best cute Disney backpacks for your kids.

The designs are incredibly cute, and there are so many to select from, including dinosaurs, astronauts, and fruits.

The backpacks are also child-sized and not full-sized, so kids may take them about by themselves.

The compartments inside are also easy to arrange and not too heavy, making it simple for young hands to grasp items inside and zip up their own zippers.

3. D Dinosaur Backpack

Part of the fun of choosing a Disney World kid’s backpack is getting to look at beautiful 3D models that have a little more life in them than a basic “backpack shape.”

This dinosaur backpack will turn your child into the prettiest roaring beast around and give them bravery when it comes to walking up to people that they’re afraid of (PS: Was anybody else’s kid utterly petrified of characters like I was?).

Aside from being beautiful on the outside, it’s small enough for young backs and well-structured enough to carry all of their food and daily necessities inside.

Click here to check out the most adorable 3D dinosaur backpack available.

The Best cute Disney Backpack for Comfort Lovers
Whether you’re planning a marathon day at the parks or simply prefer comfort over all else, the best backpack for Disney World for

you will be one of these comfortable options with either tonne of padding or tonnes of breathability so you can carry your stuff around without hurting your shoulders while also not melting in the Florida sun.

4. Sunhiker Lightweight Small Daypack

When it comes to Disney World, I’m not an over-packer.

I prefer to bring what I need, but I don’t want to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders at Disney since I already do it in real life. Thanks very much.

Instead, I like lightweight backpacks like the Sunhiker that have enough pockets and compartments to carry my stuff while still being lightweight enough that they’re not going to pull me down.

The nicest element about this cute Disney backpack is the breathable mesh shoulder straps. This section of your body can become so hot in the Florida heat while you’re toting things around, so breathable mesh is excellent.


5. Venture Pal Ultralight Daypack

This travel daypack is both tough and comfortable, so you can let your shoulders breathe while still knowing that your bag will stay together and not fall apart after one ride on Rock & Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios.

It comes in a broad choice of colors, so you could purchase matching ones for the entire family, and since it’s made for exercise, the cushioning on the shoulder straps and across the back is DIVINE.

And if you haven’t been to Disney World before, then just believe me: This is an active vacation!

I’m particularly taken with this bag because of how small it is when folded up.

You can practically fold it up within itself when not in use, which makes it far simpler to carry with you if you’re traveling or are low on room but still want the best backpack for a day at Disney World.

Click here to check out the Venture Pal.

Best Disney World Backpack for Pocket Lovers
My husband loves pockets in his bags, and

his dream backpack for Disney World is the most organized one conceivable.

I don’t get the attraction since I simply forget which pocket stuff is in, and after the 16th concealed pocket, I really start to forget which ones exist, but if you’re a pocket fan, these Disney World backpacks are for you.

6. Extra Large College School Backpack

This bag is, well, extra huge, as the name indicates.

The bigger the bag, the more room you have for pockets!

There are three main compartments and 20 pockets, which means that your Cheetos don’t have to touch your water bottle, and your USB charger may remain fully independent of your cooling towel.

With so much material weighing you down, you have to make sure the fabric is robust, which this one is, and the external USB charging connection is a plus!

The excellent feature of this backpack is that it’s TSA-authorized, so you can fly with it as your carry-on backpack and then take it into the parks when you unpack and get to your hotel.

Then, after the cute Disney backpacks trip is finished, just pack everything back up for your journey, and you’re all prepared.

Click here to check out reviews of this extra-large college school bag.

7. KUPRINE Water-Resistant Lightweight Backpack

What I love most about this bag is its elegant appearance while still having tonnes of compartments within.

The gray color is incredibly fashionable and works with practically any outfit. It is also lightweight enough that you won’t have a ton of additional bag bulk, which may be a concern when buying a big backpack.

It separates into three major sections, and then inside each one of those divisions, there are extra pockets and dividers.

If you want to bring a laptop or tablet with you, there is a separate section for that as well.

Oh, and even at the most magical location on Earth, you should always make use of the secret anti-theft compartment to keep your passes and cute Disney backpacks valuables in (but not your real valuables—don’t take them to Disney!)

The last winning component of this bag for Disney World is that it is water resistant, and that will come in handy when it’s the afternoon in July and you’re walking through a deluge to get to your seat for Fantasmic!

Click here to check out more reviews of the KUPRINE backpack.

8. Disney Mickey Mouse Backpack

This Disney-branded bag is both affordable compared to other alternatives and a terrific backpack to acquire just for your Disney day.

It’s got a cute Mickey Mouse pattern on it, two major compartments (one at the front for your little belongings and then the bigger, main one), and it’s so robust backpackspro that you could use it all year round if you wanted to.

People enjoy this one for its size—not too bulky, but yet big enough to carry everything you need in the parks.

And you may pick various designs so that the kids can obtain matching ones

without being exactly the same.


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