Guide to Cattle and Buffalo Feed Management – What Dairy Farmers Should Know? 

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A dairy animal needs proper feed and nutrition for maintenance, foetus development, and milk production. Dairy farmers need to take special care of cattle and buffalo feeding that contains the right balance of protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins for optimal growth.


Dairy farming has been a core component of India’s economic growth ever since. After all, this field is aimed to fulfill the daily food and dairy needs of people. It is no secret that a dairy farm is a feasible business option that can be started on a limited scale. However, one may need access to quality cattle feed and health advisory for high milk yield.

Feeding the cattle isn’t just putting random hay in front of them. A high milk-producing cattle and buffalo need a diet that adds nutritional value in terms of carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and water. To have an animal (pashu) produce a high milk yield, it all starts with proper nutrition of calf and heifer.

Understanding Cattle Feed Requirements

Cattle that lack sufficient feed intake or have digestive problems are vulnerable to infection and other diseases. To ensure the well-being of cattle, it is important to understand why they may not be eating, know ways to improve their digestion, and overcome their appetite issues.

It all comes down to making sure that cattle’s digestive system is filled with a good amount of healthy bacteria to keep their feed and water consumption at optimum levels. Cattle may not be eating due to stress, infection, rotten feed, or poor living conditions; hence, it is ideal to get access to veterinary healthcare and animal feed (pashu aahar) wholesale to prevent the onset of diseases.

Essentials to Keep Cattle Healthy

  • Feed Cattle Well

Without enough energy, cattle can’t generate adequate body heat and this can lead to serious health conditions. It is best to feed them with increased nutrients, including fat and protein. However, cattle procurement can take ample time with no satisfactory purchase guaranteed.

This is where a tech-driven platform like MeraPashu360 comes to your rescue, also known as pashu aahar online shop (पशु आहार की दुकान), providing access to quality animal feed and expert veterinary doctors that fulfill cattle feed requirements.

  • Keep Cattle Comfortable

It is necessary to soothe and comfort milking cows with ointment or cream that relieves their cracked and sore skin. Even if your budget is limited, you can still provide sand beds where cattle and buffalo can rest. Another way to increase their comfort is to take good care of their health, feed requirements, and shelter.


If you’re new to the dairy farming business, make sure to pick a place that has enough space to keep your animals and always consult a good veterinary doctor for regular medical check-ups. There are various aspects to set your dairy farm business up for success, such as cattle feed, understanding their heat cycle, keeping their health in check, and improving milk yield.

And there is one solution to fulfill your needs and that is MeraPashu360, providing dairy farmers access to premium cattle feed, veterinary care, and expert guidance on increasing milk production.

About the Author:

MeraPashu360 is a tech-cum-physical platform introduced for dairy farmers to access high-quality cattle, feed, nutrition, and veterinary service. It provides an end-to-end solution for cattle procurement, feed management, and complete asset management for high milk yield and to fulfill all requirements of cattle and buffaloes.


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