Guide to Different Kinds of Awnings and Their Features

Awnings Manchester
Awnings Manchester

A guide to different kinds of awnings and their features

Awnings can protect several places in your home and outside your shop from extreme sunlight, rain, and wind. Households and businesses take all necessary steps to keep it cool but also face rising energy costs, and awnings can help you control some of it. Awnings also add incredible aesthetic value to your home, cafe, restaurant, etc.

They provide comfort to people who can sit down under their shade, enjoy a cup of coffee and have long conversations with each other. They are also used for covering pergolas and patios. There are countless varieties of awnings to choose from. The options are endless, from fixed ones to retractable ones, manually controlled to remote controlled, made of fabric or metallic.

The choice of awning greatly depends on your budget and purpose. From Awnings Manchester to other regions of the United Kingdom, there is so much to choose from. Let us look at different types of awnings and their features.

Patio Awnings

Patios are one of the most useful outdoor structures for houses, clubs, and eateries. Typically paved with different surfacing materials, they allow you to enjoy the weather. Awnings are often used to provide shade to patios, and they are either fixed or retractable and are wall-mounted. Retractable awnings can help you control the sunlight and protect you from rainfall.

Accessories can be installed to enhance their utility, including heating or lighting. Patio awnings are usually full cassette, semi cassette, or open. Full cassette awnings offer a completely protected enclosure, thus protecting your awning fabric from weather elements. Semi cassettes and open awnings are more suitable for areas less exposed to eternal factors. You can find countless open and semi-cassette Awnings Nottinghamvarieties for your outdoor space.

Pergola Awnings

Another outdoor structure which is usually found in many homes as well as outdoor eateries is Pergolas. Pergola Awnings can be wall mounted or free standing. They have a fixed frame which does not move even when you retract the awning. Retractable canopies, fabric awning covers, bamboo awnings, and other options are available for pergola awnings.

Freestanding Awnings

Freestanding awnings do not require wall mounting. They have freestanding structural frames to which awnings are attached. They are commonly used in open areas and are highly suitable for large spaces such as lawns, poolside areas, and restaurants.

Conservatory Awnings

Conservatories can also benefit from awnings. They have a distinct framework mounted on your existing roof. Internal awnings are installed under the glass, and external ones are installed over it. This offers more control over indoor temperature and reduces energy bills. Conservatory awnings are usually remote-controlled for ease of operation. If you live in Manchester, your conservatory can benefit from these innovative Awnings Manchester.

Vertical Awnings

Vertical awnings are mostly fitted externally, outside your windows. However, internal awnings can also be installed. They are a combination of retractable awnings and weatherproof fabrics. They are available in various designs and colours, and they offer incredible privacy as well as shading.

Cassette Types

Full Cassette 

Some types of awnings only use full cassettes. These include a conservatory and vertical awnings. In a full cassette awning, the arms, fabric, and the roller are all tucked away inside a casing when you retract the awning. Full cassette awnings provide the greatest protection from snow, dirt, frost, wind, and rain. 

Semi Cassette

These Awnings are partially enclosed, usually from above and the sides as well. They offer considerable protection from weather elements, and their underside remains open when the awning is retracted.

Open Awnings

Open awnings don’t have any cassette enclosures. If you live in an area where weather mostly remains moderate or if your garden is already well protected, open awnings can be installed. Open awnings give a very light look to your outdoor space.

Motorized Awnings

Electric awnings are the preferred choice for many people because of their effortless operation. A tubular motor powered by your main supply and aesthetically concealed, controls the operation of the awning. You get a remote control which you can use to control the awning. Even accessories such as lighting and heating can be controlled via the remote control.

Sensors for Awnings

Wind and Sun sensors are often installed with motorized Awnings Kent and can automatically control the awning depending on the weather. Some sensors are solar-powered, while others are electrically operated.

Manually operates awnings

Manual awnings are common throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, and they are operated with the help of crank handles. Manual operations are mostly used if budgetary constraints or the awnings cannot be provided with an electric supply. 

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