Handling Instructions for Bone China Dinnerware

Handling instructions for bone china
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Want to own a spectacular bone china dinner set and flaunt your meals in them? The choices are in abundance; however, choosing the perfect set will need some expertise. That is what we love to lend to you, straight from the insight given by experts in the world of bone china dinnerware crockery sets.

 General handling instructions for bone china dinnerware

  • Regardless of which Bone China brand you use, there are some tips that will keep you in good stead.
  • Bone China should not be exposed to large variations in temperature or subjected to a naked flame or any liquids above their boiling point.
  • Do not add boiling water to a cold china apparatus. Firstly, warm the china apparel, and only then add the hot water to the cup, pan, or pot.
  • Before placing Bone China plates in an oven, they can be warmed up to a temperature of 100 degrees. Tableware that has a gold or platinum trim should not be kept in the microwave.

 How To Store Your Bone China Crockery the Right Way?

  • Don’t stack them-People stack bone china or any plates for that matter one above another due to limited space. However, this can cause chipping or breakage of the plates over time. As a result, we recommend placing some tissues or soft paper between the plates.
  • Mind the weight-If you are stacking the bone china dinnerware plates, keep at most 7 or 8 in a stack and others in a separate pile. Else, the excess weight will break the plates.
  • Do not use newspapers in between while stacking the plates as well. This is because the ink from the paper might find its way onto the plates and you don’t need that.
  • Avoid using hot water-While washing the bone china cookware, it is best to avoid hot water. We recommend using lukewarm water which is neither too warm nor too cold.
  • Once the plates have been washed, do not wipe them immediately. Instead, allow the dinnerware to dry and only then wipe them with a soft cloth. This will not alter the print on the plates.
  • If you have any cups or mugs, it is best not to hang them from hooks. This is because over time. The handles will get weak and could eventually break.

 How to wash the Bone China Cookware? Top Tips to keep in mind

  • Bone China Dinnerware not only looks good but also enhances the taste of the tea or food served in it as well. To maintain the cookery in the proper condition, we recommend you do the following.
  • Wash it immediately after use and remove food stains if any. However, avoid using abrasive detergents and scouring pads.
  • You can wash the Bone China Apparel in a dishwasher. There is nothing to worry about that. In fact, the ideal temperature will be around 65 degrees Celsius and a gentle cycle is recommended.
  • Before washing the dishes, a good idea would be to soak them in slightly warm water. This will help to remove the stains and other food particles.

Wrap-Up: Has your Choice been made?

By now, you must have known the value of a real bone china dinner set that you would love to own. Bone China is a premium-quality ceramic that can be used as tableware and is quite durable as well. However, despite the quality and durability of the material, it is up to you to ensure that you are doing the needful to keep the kitchenware in the right condition.  Try our tips and add them as valuable lessons to purchasing for your catering, home, or restaurant needs in the near future. 

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