Has anyone replaced the factory switch?

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If you are a factory or shop manager, you have to replace or repair if something fails in your business. Quick thinking and smart decisions can reduce downtime and improve safety.

Commercial systems include the electrical systems of supermarkets, warehouses, factories or other large facilities. If you are a manager at one of these locations, you may need to replace a faulty circuit board. First, you want to know which residential circuit breakers is faulty. Write down the part number and go online to check parts prices.

If the clutch is less than 10 years old,

 you should be able to get a replacement clutch from your local dealer or online. If the shredder is more than 10 years old, you should buy a used one online. Used PCBs are remanufactured as approved products and often come with an extra warranty and are cheaper than new ones.

A recent example at a factory I worked at was replacing six Square D FA34100 circuits. We couldn’t afford new ones, so we went online and bought six used circuits from Budget Breakers. These shredders come with a one-year warranty and look like new. We bought them for $153, new for $267. That’s a savings of over $100!

But is buying a used circuit breaker really worth it?

In residential areas, I do not recommend buying used circuits. Residential generators are useless. They are cheap and because of their small size, they are not easy to miss. However, commercial and industrial circuits are quite common and some manufacturers even recommend them, especially in some high voltage situations. Many manufacturers and warehouses plan to replace their PCBs every ten years, and these PCBs last for decades!

So is it worth buying used circuits? I do this and many others, but first make sure it fits your needs. And always consult with a licensed electrician before buying.

The following article lists the main switch manufacturers.

ABB is a leading switchgear manufacturer that enables homes and businesses to be more efficient while minimizing negative environmental impacts. ABB operates in more than 100 countries worldwide and is a leader in its field. ABB offers products from residential circuit breakers to integrated switches and is confident that its products are the safest and most reliable on the market.

Siemens is perhaps best known for its home appliances and products for a variety of industries, as well as being a leading manufacturer of switches. In 2022, Siemens launched one of its switches on the serious market. These mills are mainly used in hot water and cooling water systems. Although Siemens said it had no knowledge of any injuries from the collision, it erred on the side of caution. Warm water in waves has been identified as a possible attraction for human electricity.

GE models are probably the best known and most used models on the market.

 GE offers spatial switches. This switch manufacturer offers a variety of products for all electrical needs. GE has products for both home and industrial energy needs.

ITE is considered to have established the 5 kV air magnetic circuit breaker. They were the first switchgear manufacturers to offer energy-efficient, high-quality solutions for industrial power needs. ITE also offers medium and high voltage commercial circuit breakers for different purposes.

Cutler-Hammer (Eaton) is also a well-known switch manufacturer.

 Perhaps one of the most innovative technologies that the company has introduced in recent years is the Fire Guard version. Cutler-Hammer fire protection protects against fire hazards associated with ignition sparks. Fire Guard alarms are likely to become standard alarms in 21st century homes as they provide advanced protection against some of the most common causes of fire.


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