Health & Safety Tips for Hajj & Umrah Travel

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Every year Muslims around the UK come to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and Hajj. Keeping this in mind many travel agencies assemble different Ramadan Packages. Some of the best companies bring All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages for people coming from London. People coming from the UK can acquire Umrah Packages from Birmingham UK to fulfil their dream of visiting The Holiest site in Islam.
Keep the fact in mind you are going to participate in one of the greatest gatherings so be prepared mentally and physically! Brace yourself and get ready.

The following contains the guidelines on how to prepare for Hajj and Umrah. Before departing for Umrah or Hajj pilgrims must acknowledge health and safety tips to make their journey easy and comfy!

  • Keep yourself updated with weather conditions in KSA; it will help you to choose clothes according to the weather. Don’t carry clothes accordingly to your residence country.
  • Keep an eye on the Foreign a Common Wealth Office travel advice to ensure you are up to the minute with the situation in Saudi Arabia.
  • Book your ticket through an ATOL registered tour operator. Many fraudulent companies have been set up. To protect yourself and your family from any mishap, consider booking tickets through a trustworthy company that is registered with ATOL.
  • You can purchase travel insurance for your journey. Sharia amenable insurance policies are offered by multiple insurance companies.
  • Make sure your passport is in decent condition with a minimum of six months left after returning home.
  • Take a copy of your passport, ticket details, insurance policy, and emergency numbers and hand over the copies with your schedule and contact details to your family members.
  • If any pilgrims are on regular medication, be sure to carry extra medicine for the duration of the pilgrimage. Label medicines with their names, and make a list of all medications it will help you not to skip any medicine during Umrah and Hajj.
  • Pre-existing ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes are under control on the pilgrimage road. Make sure to book a checkup with your GP well in advance.
  • Always carry a water bottle, shades, sunblock and Umbrella to stay protected from scorching heat as it is really hot in Makkah during day time.
  • Do not use Scented shower gels, soaps and Alcoholic perfumes as it is forbidden to put on scented stuff during Umrah and Hajj.
  • Visiting an optician and the dentists for a check-up before leaving for Hajj and Umrah is recommended so that any treatment can be carried out.
  • You will need to walk long distances, so never miss picking the comfortable and best quality shoes or sandal. To avoid the risk of discomfort and blisters you can use footwear to soften the straps before the journey starts. Just keep them clean before you leave for Umrah or Hajj.
  • Carry a bag pack so it becomes easier to bring essentials during Umrah or Hajj. Keep your footwear inside your bag pack during prayer as it can be easily stolen so to avoid server consequences of walking barefoot.
  • Label your entire luggage by placing sticky notes both on the inside and the outside of your suitcases including your name, passport number, airline, flight number hotel name and contact number. In case it is lost you can be reached.
  • Don’t forget to secure your luggage with locks. Use luggage straps as it helps to identify your luggage bag from a distance as there will be numerous suitcases.
  • Women should walk side by side with their Mehrams because pilgrims push each other for no apparent reason. Though they have been given a brief on how to behave during Umrah yet such inconveniences happen.
  • Enlist your prayers; it’s better to make a list of your prayers. You are going to the holiest site and would be seeking the holiest journey where every prayer is answered. Better to regret later always mend your ways earlier.
  • Reminiscences Emergency Number of Saudi Arabia, God forbid in case you face any emergency. For Ambulance 997, Police 999 and Traffic Accidents 933!

These are some health and safety tips which you have remember in the Umrah. Umrah can be performed by using Cheap December umrah packages. Umrah in the month of December is quite cheaper as compare to the other months of year.

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