Healthcare Point-of-Care Testing Technology

The medical equipment offered by POCT companies is relatively simple to use and helps doctors diagnose patients more quickly. In this post, we’ll talk about the value of POCT and the factors to take into account while selecting POCT equipment.

What role does point-of-care testing play?

Point of care testing (POCT) is a term used in clinical trials to describe quick medical diagnostic testing at or close to a patient’s home. The objective of POCT is to enhance patient care while reducing patient burden. Basic POCT is often used by researchers and patients in clinical trials, such as pregnancy, hyperglycemia, and oxygen saturation. POCT is important because it helps doctors quickly and easily identify issues that may necessitate further examination or therapy.

By providing medical staff with information about the patient’s current health status and assisting in the early detection of issues, POCT can help to improve patient care. With this knowledge, it is possible to make informed decisions about how to care for the patient and ensure they receive the best treatment possible.

What should be taken into account when selecting POCT devices?

When choosing the best point-of-care testing equipment for healthcare professionals, there are a few considerations. Usability and accuracy both matter. Here are four crucial factors to take into account when selecting a point-of-care testing gadget.

1. Accuracy

When selecting a point-of-care testing tool, accuracy is the most crucial consideration. Make sure the instrument you choose can accurately recognize the kind of test you need. For instance, a blood glucose meter must be accurate to within +/- 2%.

2. Usability

When selecting a point-of-care testing device, ease of use should be taken into consideration. Make sure the tool is intuitive and easy to use. For instance, some meters require you to pierce your finger and drip some blood onto the sensor, while others include sensors that you may directly attach to your skin.

3. Measurements and Weight

When selecting a point-of-care testing device, size and weight are important considerations. Make sure the gadget you buy can be carried around and is small enough to fit in your pocket.

4. Reading Results

You can utilize a point-of-care testing device to get your blood test results right away if you’d like. Depending on the recommended goal range, these devices frequently contain an LCD that shows your total blood glucose levels as well as whether it is elevated. However, some gadgets reserve their findings for after they have been processed.


Using POCT, it is easy and rapid to check for particular diseases and conditions. If you’re searching for a new point-of-care gadget, look at Wondfo’s selections. For example, chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers, which are very convenient, sensitive, and extremely fast, are well worth the product.


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