Here Are Few Tips To Improve The ACT Score

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The ACT is a standardized test which assesses your ability to think through and solve problems. There are four tests on the ACT: English, math, science and reading. Each section has a range of possible scores from 1-36, with higher scores being better. To help you improve your score on the test, here we will provide you with helpful information about how to prepare for ACT, as well as provide tips for improving your score throughout it.

Tips To Improve The ACT Score

Practice makes perfect. Do all practice tests in the booklet (the official ACT guide). Start as early as possible by taking practice tests.

As you should be aware, practice is the only way to improve your score on a test such as the ACT. If you are not taking at least one full-length test every week, you are likely not ready for the real deal and need to do more homework.

Practice these math questions. Math is an essential part of the ACT. Read the official ACT guide and do as many practice problems as possible. For example, there are over 800 practice math questions in the booklet.

Memorize the periodic table of elements. The ACT has a section that asks which feature you would use to dilute gold and what it would be called (hint: it’s not mercury and sodium). This part of the test is also called a “digging in the dirt” section, which is super easy to mess up.

Get used to solving math problems. If you are bad at math, you need to practice. The best way to do this is by doing math problems in the ACT book. The tests are all timed, so don’t waste time trying to get through them as quickly as possible but try to solve each problem correctly first.

Read, take notes and revise often.  The ACT comprises three main parts: critical reading, math, and writing. Most of the test consists of these three sections, so you should be aware of them.

Remember that timing is essential.  The ACTs your time management skills, so it’s crucial to be well-practised at the pacing techniques the test provides for you (note taking and using the answer sheet).

Be well versed in the language of the test.  It’s essential to know all of the terminology used on the ACT as it’s crucial to understanding what a problem is asking for. This can be gained by reading the official ACT guide and going through each section of the book page by page.

Set a goal score you want to achieve.  The most important part of preparing for the exam is setting a goal score you want to achieve and knowing how long it will take to get there. Unfortunately, there is no way to look up your score on the ACT online, and it’s difficult for us to predict how well you will do.

Know what to expect from the test.  The official ACT guide has a lot of explanations regarding scoring and test sections, but being ready for the test means knowing what to expect. You should be good to go if you can answer questions accurately.


If you follow the tips above, you should be well on your way to scoring better on the ACT. The best way to prepare is to be as prepared as possible by knowing what’s on the test.  ACT prep can be done in several ways, including doing practice tests, revising vocabulary and taking math classes.

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