Here’s How to Style Chains with Your Everyday Look

Here's How to Style Chains with Your Everyday Look


A lovely daily chain necklace is a must-have for any lady who appreciates jewellery. One that does not grab undue attention but delivers just enough to enhance your inherent beauty. One that complements any ensemble without effort.

When it comes to gold jewellery, there is an extensive range of chains available to pick from, including thin gold chains, bulky gold chains, and traditional box chain designs. Whether you are looking for a gold chain or already own one but do know how to style them with your outfit, you have come to the right place. We are here to assist you with the same.

Two Types of Chains You Can Add to Your Collection

One way to style a chain with an everyday outfit is to keep the chain simple and delicate. A thin gold or silver chain with a small pendant can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual look. Another option is to layer multiple delicate chains of different lengths and textures for a bohemian-inspired look.

For a more dressed-up look, a statement chain can be worn with a blouse or dress to add a touch of elegance. It’s also important to consider the overall aesthetic of your outfit when styling a chain. A chunky, bold chain may not pair well with a more minimalistic outfit, while a dainty chain may get lost in a more embellished ensemble.

Here are a few styling tips for wearing a chain:

  • Layer multiple chains of different lengths and styles for a trendy and unique look.
  • Pair a simple chain with a pendant or charm that has personal significance for a sentimental touch.
  • Wear a statement chain with a simple outfit to add interest and make it more dressed up.
  • Layer a long chain over a sweater or cardigan for a cozy, layered look.
  • Experiment with different textures, such as a chain with a matte or glossy finish, or one that is gold-plated or sterling silver.
  • Pair a chain with a matching pair of earrings or bracelets for a cohesive look.
  • Mix and match different metals, such as gold and silver, to add visual interest and break up the monotony.

Remember, the key to styling a chain is to have fun and experiment with different looks until you find the perfect combination that works for you.

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Finding a chain, you’ll wear every day that complements your style preferences might be complicated. We’ve compiled this list to spare you some time in your search for a chain from the Mia by Tanishq collection.

18kt Rose Gold Dreamy Heart Strings And Gorgeous Floral Chain

A piece of jewellery that will complement your attire is crafted from 18-karat rose gold and has a trendy flower in a circle. This Mia elegant dual gold chain for women will brilliantly display your sense of fashion. Wear a chain of dreamy hearts to truly brighten up the ensemble.

22kt Yellow Gold Luminous Trendy Triple Orb Studded Layer Gold Chain

It is an extra effort for women to wear a gold chain with professional clothes. This chain is crafted from 22-karat yellow gold and has three gleaming orbs in three separate layers to compliment your attire. Currently, the attire is less formal than business casual. The necklace pairs nicely with blue skinny jeans and a navy T-shirt. To add sophistication to a look, pair them with black pointed-toe shoes. Be the focal point of your surroundings and stand out from the crowd.

22kt Yellow Gold Textured Beaded Chain

White tweed sport coats are rare and gorgeous. It makes sense to construct a unique outfit around this rare item. It pairs excellently with orange chinos, a pale pink blouse, and black pointed-toe shoes. A pair of textured yellow gold beads strung along a simple 22-karat yellow gold chain is an excellent addition to your casual clothing. This classic gold chain for ladies adds a modern touch to any ensemble. They will easily go with both your formal and informal outfits.

18kt Yellow Gold Textured Flat Gold Chain

A broad gold necklace for women with vertically linked simple rows of rough beads. Pair this 18-karat yellow gold piece with a white sleeveless shirt, a black miniskirt, and black shoes for a fashionable and sophisticated look. Allow your flare to impress people. Every time you wear this flat chain with textured beads to a special occasion, it makes an indelible mark.

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Make the Right Choice!

The tips above will undoubtedly assist you in pairing a gold chain for women with your chosen clothing. Mia by Tanishq designed each of these magnificent chains. Each chain exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship, making each chain a desirable item. These chains are lightweight and appropriate for daily wear. As a fashion statement, ladies worldwide wear diamond necklaces, whose price and style have evolved with time and technology. If you are concerned about being trendy and on a budget, go with assurance.


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