Hidden Local food in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Hidden Local food in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Johor Bahru used to be a chaotic border city. Now, it is shedding its old reputation and becoming a vibrant place that attracts tourists and locals alike. Among them, there are many hidden delicacies that have not been discovered by everyone, so now I want to share with you the delicacies that I know!

1.Mee Rebus Stulang Laut

Another Johor speciality dish is Mee Rebus. You can find many blog posts that attempt to recreate the Johor-style mee rebus. Locals and tourists alike love the mee at Stulang Laut, a wonderful example of traditional cooking.

The thick, creamy gravy is topped with springy yellow noodles and bean-sprouts and then sprinkled with crispy fried bits from the fritter stand up front. The gravy can be a bit too sweet, but a squeeze of lime and some good mixing with the green chili can transform the whole plate of noodles into something seriously delicious.

2.CSS Stall

CSS stall is located just 5 feet from a small kopitiam and serves some of the best durian puffs you can get. This was a rare treat, even though I don’t like durian. This uncle has been cooking up his delicious treats for nearly 16 years. Just by speaking to him, it is clear how much pride he takes in his food.

They only use high quality durian and make everything from scratch. Their batter is what makes their crispy delights so delicious. They also deep fry each item twice. Stop by to try their delicious durian puffs or their 3-in-1 Nana Gao. Ask for a photo with the auntie or uncle who run the stall. They’ll be happy to oblige!

3.Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant

Ong Shun restaurant is a great example of how food can bring people together. Ong Shun offers great, halal Chinese-style food that is accessible to everyone. It is a simple, casual restaurant that can be enjoyed with friends or family.

Ong Shun’s menu is quite extensive so it can be difficult to choose. However, I recommend ordering their hot tofu and spicy Indonesian shrimps. You can also order a side of fried buns to help you lick up the delicious gravy. Their chilli crabs are a crowd favorite if you want something with more kick.


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