Highest paid Korean actresses 2022

Highest paid Korean actresses 2022
Highest paid Korean actresses 2022

Highest paid korean actresses 2022 are some of the biggest female stars in Korea, a country where reputation and popularity affect salary growth. Here is the list of highest paid Korean actresses 2022 according to various sources like Forbes, Yonhap News, etc. Check their latest dramas on DoramasMp4.

The highest paid Korean actresses in 2022 are being listed here. The list contains the earnings of these actresses in various industries, such as film and TV. These lists are updated regularly and it is important to check these lists for accurate information on the celebrities’ income.

The list includes a lot of big names who have made their mark in the industry but there are also some newcomers who have made an impact recently. The list includes both male and female actors and actresses from South Korea, China and Japan.

The top seveven Korean actresses in 2022 will be appearing on this list next year so watch out for them!

Highest paid Korean actresses 2022

  1. Park Bo Young (오빠, Oppa) – $5 million per episode
  2. Gong Hyo Jin (공효진, Goong) – $2.6 million per episode
  3. Lee Soo Geun (이수근, I Swear on my life) – $1 million per episode
  4. Kim Sun Ah (김선아, My Love from the Star) – $700K per episode
  5. Jun Ji Hyun (준지현) – $650K per episode
  6. Kim Tae Hee (김태희) – $600K per episode
  7. Jung Ryeo Wook (정려욱) – $550K per episode

In 2022, the highest paid Korean actresses are Park Hye-ji, Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Yeon-hee and Kim So-eun.

  1. Park Hye-ji is the only female actor on this list. She has been working as a model since she was 15 years old and she began acting in dramas two years later. Park has starred in several films since 2016, including ‘Lovers of God’ (2016), ‘The Joseon Gunman’ (2017) and ‘Peppermint Candy’ (2018). In addition to acting, Park hosts a talk show on tvN called ‘Park Hye-ji’s Diary’. The program is about her life as an actress and she also travels around Asia giving lectures at universities.
  • Jeon Do-yeon is another actress who makes it into this list due to her role in ‘Dancing with the Stars’, which won an award for Best Drama Series at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2018. She also appeared in ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ (2017) but it was cancelled after just one season due to low ratings. In 2019, Jeon appeared in the drama series ‘The Heirs’ alongside Lee Min-ho and Son Yeh Jin, but this show was cancelled after
  • Bae Suzy: Bae Suzy has been called one of the most beautiful women in South Korea and is also one of the highest paid celebrities in the country. Her main source of income comes from endorsements and her social media presence where she regularly posts selfies with her fans.
  • Song Hye Kyo: Song Hye Kyo is a South Korean actress who was born on December 17, 1979, in Seoul, South Korea. She is best known for her role as Ri Reum, who appears in the 2008 film The King and the Clown (2008). In 2016, she also became an ambassador for UNICEF’s campaign “Ending Violence against Children”.
  • Park Shin Hye: Park Shin Hye is a South Korean actress and singer known for her leading roles in television dramas such as Pinocchio (2003), you’re Beautiful (2004), Please Come Back Mister (2007) and you’re Beautiful 2 (2012). She has also starred in several popular films


It is not surprising to see that Song Hye Kyo will be the highest paid actress in 2022 despite being a bit older than the other actresses included in this list. If you have watched currently airing dramas like Descendants of The Sun and When A Man Loves You or have seen her previous works like Winter Sonata, Secret Garden and more, then you must know how big her popularity as an actress is REad more


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