Hit the ball with personalized custom cereal boxes

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Cereals are one of the most likely breakfasts for people of all ages. Thus, they are easy to make in one minute without any effort. You need to take milk and cereal, and it’s ready to eat. However, for a new recipe, you can add some fruits, nuts, etc. These easy-to-cook cereals have made people their fans so far. That you will always see cereals on their bucket lists.

And you know, manufacturers find new ways to hit the ball and attract buyers when anything is in demand. Some of them have already proved in that game that it’s not easy to replace them. However, if you want to beat them, you must be exceptional in all expectations, including custom packaging. Want to know how? Briefly read the full article.

Make the packaging eye-catchy with perfect design:

You can design custom cereal boxes according to your own specifications with us. For that, you need to share the design in editable format with us. Our designing experts will customize it perfectly with the box format. You can also get a free 2d or 2d physical sample from us at your doorstep. It aimed to properly satisfy you before proceeding with the order towards wholesale. Moreover, we provide you with proper assistance in customization. If our designing experts feel the box design is not perfect, they will warn you about that. But the last decision will be yours.

Make kids curious with animated creatures:

As you know, cereals are kids’ favorite, and animated creatures are the best way to attract them. Therefore, we suggest you design the custom cereal box surface with animated creatures like mickey mouse, goofy, pooh, and spider man etch images and see the magic. Further, we give you PMS and CMYK color scheme options for perfectly shading the animated creatures. You can freely choose. Both are perfect for dazzling shades. But remember PMS color scheme gives you infinite shading options. Conversely, CMYK is a scheme of four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). And less in cost than PMS.

Craft the custom cereal box with a die-cut window:

The cereals come in different shapes and colors to attract people more. If the box is fully covered, how can the buyer attract it? Therefore, we recommend that you customize the box with a die-cut window. It looks very representative and graceful and adjustable to any box style.

You can make the die-cut window more intense by crafting it in various shapes. For example, if it’s a mickey mouse image custom cereal box, you can cut a die-cut window in a mickey mouse shape. More you can detail the die-cut border with hot stamp foiling.

Highlight brand logo or image with hot stamp foiling:

Do you want to give an elegant finish to the small cereal boxes economically? Then hot stamp foiling would be a good option. It gives the sparkling and glittery effect that can grab all the spotlight. You can apply it to the brand logo, design, or die-cut borders.

More, hot stamp foiling is available in all shades. Here are a few options.

  1. Gold stamp foil
  2. Silver stamp foil
  3. Rose gold foil
  4. Hologram foil
  5. Embossed foil (any shade)
  6. Antique gold foil
  7. Copper foil

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Make the cereal box attractive with gloss lamination:

Have you noticed that the box design begins to fade with time? It looks so bad and can ruin the whole custom box grace. If the box always looks attractive, laminate it with gloss lamination. It gives the shiny effect and makes the box design twice intensifying, vibrant, and smooth due to the shiny glare.

Also, the gloss lamination helps to protect the STE box from scratches, smudges, and fingerprints as an extra layer of protection.

Why choose iCustomboxes?

  • We provide you with superior quality at inferior rates without additional charges.
  • You get the golden opportunity to custom your box with the most talented team in the packaging industry at reasonable rates.
  • We provide you with raw and specified sample kits before proceeding with the order towards wholesale.
  • We provide you with 100% durable and eco-friendly packaging.

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