Home Improvements – A Comprehensive Guide to Insulate Your Windows for Winter

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Winters are a refreshing season; from crisp evenings to less sun exposure, winters are a dreamy season. But this season comes with a lot of flu, colds, and other sorts of health issues that should be catered to. Especially if your new house in Capital Smart City hosts a large family with a strong number of toddlers, then you have to pay two cents for the house insulation, especially the windows.

Every year the winters turn out to be a bit more harsh and cold than the previous year (thanks to climate change). Therefore if you are being careless about your house insulation, we would suggest you do otherwise. It is not only toddlers that need to be protected from this harsh weather, and it is the elders in your house as well. 

It can be a difficult thing to comprehend, but the ting gaps and frames that are left in a window seal can actually allow a lot of chill air to cross through. Thus it is inevitable to pay attention to the window insulation. 

Here is how you can do it. 

Make Good Use of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are not only a great way to relieve all the stress and pent-up frustration. They are also the best way to insulate your window during winter. We should give you a heads-up here. Windows wrapped up in bubble wrap might not be a great sight but undoubtedly are one of the best trips to make your house a bit warmer. 

The size that will be the best suitable depends totally on the size of the windows in your house. The bubble wraps are available in small and medium. The bubble sheets are easily available at local hardware stores. You might also find some bubble wrap in your house. Because most of the time, when you order a package, it comes wrapped in bubble wrap. 

First, measure the size of the window. Then use a spray bottle and spray out some water on the window panes. Then take the right size of bubble wrap and press it firmly against the window pane. Remember that the bubble size should face the glass, and you have to stick it until it is able to stick on its own. 

But in case you are down on luck, you can also try some of the transparent tapes for the same purpose. Once the weather starts to change, and the sun is the new neighbor, you can take out the bubble wrap and store it for use. 

Insulation Film Will Help

Another method that can work wonders while you are trying to insulate your window is the installation of insulating films. Not only is this one easy, but it is also affordable as well. 

Window insulation films are available at supermarts, window stores, online stores, or the local store in your street. You can apply it on both a single or double-glazed window. 

These sorts of insulation films are helpful in creating a barrier between the air and the window, creating insulation in the middle. One biggest perk of using an insulation film is that it does not hinder the light from coming inside the house. 

Now for installation purposes, clean your window. Use the right size of the film and then apply the film properly. You can use a hair dryer for this purpose as well. Try to use a small piece of cardboard or hard paper so that all the wrinkles can be removed. 

Adhesive Rubber or Foam Strips

Adhesive rubbers or foam strips are actually some of the most sought-after sealants on the market. Therefore if you are also looking to insulate your house in Lahore Park View City, or Lahore Smart City especially the windows, you can also get your hands on them. 

Not only are they the best ones for insulating your house windows, but they are also amazing for soundproofing, cushioning, padding, and sealing your house, 

Make sure to clean the windows properly. Then use a solution of water and detergent. Try to minimize the dust and grease on the windows. Then take the right measurements and then cut off the strips. Remove the back tap, and the adhesive rubber or foam strip will get attached automatically. 

Remember that this type of insulation is not permanent. This type of insulation can last up to 3 years if you take good care of it. 

Wrapping it Up!

House insulation is a crucial thing that many don’t budge an eye towards. Not only will it keep your furniture protected and neat, but it will also reduce the overall health complications that might arise due to the winter weather. Therefore make sure to make good use of the above-mentioned tips. Find the one solution that best suits your windows and budget.


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