Home studio setup

Setting up your first home studio is a dream come true for many musicians. But how, where and with what equipment? You can find all this and many recommendations in our guide to setting up a home studio for mix electronic.

Before heading to the music store, you need to know exactly what your home studio will be used for. Obviously, a YouTuber pays attention to other things than a musician. And the requirements may also differ in details. An electronic music producer needs a slightly different setup than perhaps a classical songwriter or MC who wants to mix their rap vocals.

However, you should start by choosing the room in which your studio will be located. Several points should be taken into account. Small rooms (less than 25 square meters) are worse than large ones, square rooms are worse than elongated rooms. It is better to avoid rooms with slopes and asymmetrical ones. But even if you only have one room, you can at least try to position yourself symmetrically along the longitudinal axis. In this way, you can make optimal use of existing conditions in terms of room acoustics.

Home studio furniture. If the budget is limited, a regular desk will do. But a real studio table still gives more comfort for work. A good middle ground between a desk and a professional studio desk is additional equipment: for example, you can buy separate container racks for rack equipment. With the help of such tricks, you can turn your desk into a real home studio. Speaker stands provide decoupling and desk space. Keyboard stands create space for the keyboard on the desk and can be moved around at any time. Outer racks, often with wheels, offer space for equipment. The monitor arm also frees up more desk space.

The home studio requires speakers. They provide sound quality. Their size is important, which must correspond to the spatial relationship. If the speakers are not suitable for your home studio (because the apartment is noisy or the neighbors are a little more sensitive), you can use


The main keyboard and controller The Master Keyboard performs several functions. You can use the buttons to play multiple instruments at the same time, test out new tunes and, in many cases, control your DAW at the same time. The master keyboard should not be confused with a pad controller – it lacks piano-like keys

Microphone. Its choice depends on what exactly it will be used for. Whether you’re working with vocals or rapping, a high-quality microphone delivers better sound quality and, ultimately, a professional-sounding song. Live streaming on Youtube, Twitch & Co may require a different model of headphones. It’s up to you to decide what exactly you need.

Setting up a home studio is no easy task. Every year, manufacturers bring new home studio equipment to market, and this makes it even more difficult for buyers to make a decision. The suggestions sound too good, and there are a lot of them. And if right now you can only afford one of the above devices, the best place to start is with an audio interface. This is the center where all the threads of your musical production literally converge. Those who can afford a good model will receive a reliable assistant in their work for many years to come.

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