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Atrocious nature of lead

Talking about lead is as you are talking about some cruel king who is famous for his atrocities. We know you may think our analogy weird but believe us lead is not even a silent killer. It openly affects everyone who came in contact with it. Especially the already vulnerable ones are easily affected by their dangerous nature. In general, lead is deadly for almost every age of individual but in particular, it is extremely dangerous for children. Not just it affects the brain of children it has the potential to affect their IQ even though it won’t cause any harm on a larger scale to the functioning of the brain.

 So, the point is exposure to a high amount of lead can cause a variety of health issues including kidney failure, anemia, weakness, and even brain damage. Very high amounts can even be lethal so it is important to be aware of lead contamination. You can’t assess lead contamination at your place on your own. So, you need to have professional services for its testing and detection. In case you are based in New York then we have a piece of great news for you as we are offering our excellent lead testing services New York.

Where does this lead come from? 

Now, the most common and reasonable question that may have come to your mind is how this lead can contaminate your place. Well, the answer to this question is simple there are many ways through which lead can enter our life but the most common route among them is drinking water. Lead presence in water is the most common problem that you can find in terms of making sure that your house is safe from any kind of contamination. As it is difficult to assess the potential of lead presence in your water on your own so you need to have professional testing services. For this, if you are based in New York or New Jersey then you are in right place. With Kac solutions, you can have excellent Lead testing services. Moreover, you will have Lead Water Testing NJ, Water Testing Services in New Jersey, and Water Testing Services NYC with us without any inconvenience or having to wait for long periods to have the testing results.

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How you can protect yourself?

Anyways, you may be wondering how this lead comes into your water. Well, there are various ways through which it can enter. Maybe the plumbing lining that your building or house has been built before the 1980s at that time lead was heavily used in the production of pipe material as it wasn’t until early 2000 that the hazardous nature of lead was identified medically. It could come from the brass knobs of your kitchen and bathroom sinks, so if the professionals tell you to change them then kindly listen to them as it is difficult to point out the individual source from where lead could come. Or it could make its way into your water line by seeping from the surrounding land.  So, whatever way it enters into your water system you need to have the right services to ensure the early detection of lead in your water to be safe from its dangerous nature. Best seo company primelis

So, far we discussed how lead is harmful and where it can come from in your water, now is the time to learn about how you can be saved from it. The first thing you need to do is hire lead testing services from your local testing agency. If you are based in New York then you can have our Lead testing services New York and Water Testing Services NYC or if you are based in New Jersey then you can have our Lead Water Testing NJ and Water Testing Services in New Jersey.Other than that e aware of your local consumer confidence report that is published every year by the US environmental protection agency on July 1st. if your water comes from some well or private source then make sure to avail of testing services. It generally costs $20 to $100. Apart from that adopt some changes in your daily consumption of water to be safe from lead. Lead can’t be removed from the water by boiling so try to use cold water it won’t at least activate the lead if it is present in your water. Also, make sure to clean your aerator regularly. By adopting these little changes, you can save yourself and your family from the harmful effects of lead.

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