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Last updated on December 22nd, 2022 at 03:46 pm

Renovating a house may seem challenging, but actually, it is not. Some people think that house renovations in Perth are expensive and it is not deniable. However, if you cannot afford to renovate, you can repurpose existing items by making them look more modern.

Sometimes people throw away household items. Because they think these items get old or damaged. Once they realize the value of reusing old items, they’ll be surprised. If every piece of household item you threw away because you think it is trash, you could use it for other purposes.

For house renovation in Perth, reusing the old item can save you money. It can save unnecessary landfilling. By reusing, you can be creative with the product for renovations. If you do not know how you can reuse the existing products for house renovation in Perth, no worries. We have amazing tips you can use to enhance your home look.

  1. Use paint to give anything a new look

The easiest and least expensive way to breathe new life into something is to paint over it. You can paint the item that you often get old such as;

  • Old headboard
  • Table
  • Lamp

Do you have any furniture that gets old and you are deciding to throw it out? Cancel your plan of throwing those items. Because you can reuse it for your home decoration. Whether it’s a piece of furniture or another household item, paint it. 

Decide on a paint color and give it a coat. You can also mix and match the colors of paint choice to your space.

  1. Reuse the plastic bottle to decorate your kitchen garden

Do you have lots of plastic bottles and are trying to figure out what to do with them? Do not throw them at all! These plastic bottles can make beautiful planters for real and artificial flowers. Use these bottles as an irrigation tube for your plants. Take all the plastic bottles and cut them into container shapes. Then poke out small holes in its sides and soil and seeds in it.

Instead of buying new plants, you can reuse the bottles. It is eco-friendly and looks creative in the house. You can decorate the bottles by placing them in your garden, garage, or whatever place you have. You can also paint them creatively to make them look PFA Pipe Fittings.

You can also reuse the bottles in other ways, such as

  • Make a birdhouse with two plastic bottles
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Create a wind decoration
  • Create a mini greenhouse

You can be creative with your house renovation in Perth by storing and reusing plastic bottles.

  1. Recycle the floorboards

You can always opt for recycled tiles if you don’t like timber flooring. You can reuse the older wood floorboards. Older wood has a unique character and quality that new wood doesn’t have. So, it is better to save your money by buying new and low-quality wood flooring. 

For this purpose, you can take help from floor tilers in Perth. As tilers in Perth have better knowledge of the quality and characteristics of floor material. They can better place the floorboard professionally.

  1. Re-use newspapers in different ways

After catching up with the latest event, what do you do with those newspapers? Do you throw them out? Do you know the worth of reusing the newspapers for home decoration? 

Let us tell you how to use the newspaper for house renovation in Perth. You can be creative with these ideas and generate your ideas as well.  After reading the newspaper, you throw them away. However, you make a huge mistake. We will tell you how you can reuse the newspaper for home decoration.

  • Cover the one specific wall with newspapers and give your home an aesthetic look
  • Instead of painting small pieces of decorative furniture, cover them with newspaper.
  • You can make the globe by reusing newspapers.
  1. Reuse old kitchen drawers

Have you ‌ tired of the old kitchen drawer look and replaced them? What will you do after replacing those drawers? Will you throw them away? Throwing them the old furniture is not wise. Instead of throwing them away, You can re-use them in different new ways. Just like an old drawer. You give it a coat of paint according to the choice of your space.

  • You can also hang it on the wall as a decoration 
  • Make a vintage drawer chest
  • Hang the drawer with an old belt 
  • Place the mirror inside the drawer and hand it on the wall.


You have a plethora of ways to reuse different ‌things for home decoration. In these ways, you can save money and give your home an aesthetic look. If you do not know how to reuse unique items for a house renovation, call professionals for help.

Ahsan Ali

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