How And Why Do You Need Employee Background Checks?

employee background check
employee background check

A background check is essential for a company as any new hire poses a business risk and offers scope for improving its productivity. Background checks involve the review of a job candidate’s personal, criminal, financial, employment, and social records. Many employers perform criminal background verification to ensure that business operations are smooth, profitable, and productive. This blog talks about all the methods a company can adopt to perform the background check of its employees.

What is an Employee Background Check?

An employee background check is a process that employers follow to verify a new candidate’s personal, criminal, financial, social, and employment records. For whatever position you are hiring, background checks can help you determine if the applicant is suitable for the job or not.

A professional background check helps the employer dive deep into the candidate’s background and past. It can help him make an informed decision about hiring him.

What Background Checks do companies do?

Typically, companies perform the following background checks:

  • Employment Verification

Although the candidate provides a lot of information in his resume and job application, the employee must check how genuine that is. An employment background verification checks the candidate’s previous job titles, past job experience, salaries, period of employment, and so on.  

  • Criminal Background Verification

A criminal background verification helps to safeguard your organisation from any offensive acts by the potential candidate. Criminal checks ensure that your hiring does not endanger the organisation or its employees. If any past offence is discovered, it is essential to analyse its type, time of occurrence, and seriousness.  

  • Employment History Background Check

This vital background check includes collecting information about previous jobs, positions, performance in the job, salary, tenure, and so on. This helps recruiters find out how the candidate performed previously checked and verify his details.

  • Residential Background Checks

Residential background checks include checking the employee’s past addresses and family details. Address checking is done to ensure that the temporary or permanent address provided by the candidate is correct.

  • Video KYC solution

Video KYC solution is a video-based due diligence process. It involves digitally verifying the KYC details of your prospective employee. It allows businesses to digitally verify an ID and have face-to-face interaction with an official.

Steps to conduct an Employee Background Check

Typically, the task of performing the employee background check is assigned to a third-party organisation or a private agency. These are a few basic steps to conducting a thorough employee background check:

  • Adhere to a consistent policy to avoid random checks and let the recruiters know what must happen next in the background check process.
  • Seek legal advice from a lawyer before you conduct background checks that consist of private or sensitive information.
  • If you find anything spurious in your background checks, ask the candidate about it and give him a chance to explain himself.
  • Do not take the process of background checks lightly. Since you are handling critical information, ensure it is obtained and analysed legally.


You could also use the video KYC solution method to get to know more about your prospective employee and verify their details. Finding a qualified, reliable, and honest candidate to fill the job position in your company is essential. But performing a background check for the applicant can add positivity and credibility to the organisation.

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